1. Thanks Sandy! It is nice to hear that NAA is indeed still planning something for the Ranger II. We will wait patiently while you get it right!

  2. Hello. I am a proud owner of 7 North American Arms revolvers. I would really hope to add two Ranger II to my collection. I hope NAA is able to figure out how to release this revolver to there customers. Thank you and God speed.

    1. Lee, Tiz true that the ‘bomb’ was quickly produced. My question to you is; Where is the pocket model?
      Quality pocket weapons take time to properly develop and produce. Screw down your patience button.
      Since NAA builds them, owners WILL COME! !

    2. Yeah – but the original A-bomb didn’t need to be handheld or be safe for multiple shots, and had a much higher budgeted production cost per unit.

      I’d rather see them do it right than hurry too fast.

  3. Short, sweet and to the point. What more can you ask? (I know, a lot. Where else does the owner of the company pass out info and respond to comments – sometimes?)

  4. Soooo… 2016 came and went and we’re still waiting on that ranger ii. We are getting it right? Because its february and still no go.

  5. On behalf of curious potential purchasers everywhere: Is the Ranger II coming at some point or has it been cancelled? Further, if it is coming, an idea of when would be appreciated…

  6. You could always bring back the original Ranger at a higher MSRP. I, for one, would pay $500 for a new one–which would likely cover your costs and give you a decent profit margin.

  7. Please, please, put me on your list!!

    Thank you for all your hard work with R&D, this will be the most fantastic weapon ever!! Hooray!!

    Keep on keeping on…

  8. Yeah, I think the price these guns are going for is ridiculous . Neat , yes. But naa needs to build alot more of them so scalpers won’t be asking ridiculous prices for them, their will be plenty then and now rare at all,the way it should be..thanks