1. I understand that the metal in the rim of a rimfire .22mag is a little thicker than the metal covering over the primer in a center fire cartridge and therefore, in designing a handgun, it is considered necessary to have a good, brisk striking force of the hammer when the gun is fired, thus minimizing miss fires. I have owned several of your beautiful, little SA revolvers in the past and have been very happy with them. My wife just purchased a “sidewinder” from our usual dealer, in Vero Beach, FL and as she has some arthritis in her hands, finds it difficult to cock the hammer. The gun was sent back to you recently to be loosened up a little, especially in the under-barrel locking mechanism so you probably have it currently. Is it wise to attempt to weaken the main spring just a little to make it just a little easier to cock, or do you think this is not a good idea. I apologize for not bringing this to light through the gun store rep, but it just didn’t occur to me at that time. Thank you kindly,

  2. Again, I will ask…..How can I purchase a NAA Ranger II mini-revolver?? I’m in far West Ft. Worth, Tx 76108…..PH:(817)244-8813

  3. When might you start making the Ranger ll with a longer barrel of about 2.5″?
    I would really like a little longer barrel so I am holding off buying the current Ranger.
    I have an Earl with the 3″ barrel but I would love a top break for easier loading.