October 2016 – Election and The Ranger II

No luck fishing.  I must be using the wrong bait.

I doubt anyone has any interest in hearing any more about the upcoming election, particularly from me.  Never has our country suffered such a crisis in leadership, with the possible exception of Nixon’s Watergate scandal.  Despite his protestations, he really was a crook, but none of his flaws/misdeeds as seriously and likely harmfully impacted the management of our economy, our foreign policy, our judiciary, etc. as do either of the two major candidates.  Each is similarly “deplorable”, but for different reasons.  I’m sick about our choice and our future.

Yes, work continues on Ranger II.  I might start saving.


  1. Can I send mine in now and let you hold it for me as my pocket is getting hotter all the time. Lol

  2. My saving is complete. I have enough put aside even for a pair of CA compliant to go with the regular Ranger II pair.

  3. Thank you for not giving up on the “Ranger II.” Many of us are anxiously awaiting for the production of the said revolver.
    I’m confident that the delay only assures us the quality and NAA’s reputation.
    I look forward to your next positive announcement.

  4. I’m saving money in case we lose the #gunvote. Still trying to remain positive about the election.
    On a happier note, I’m Really dig’n the ranger ll. I’ve had my sites on the .22 mini for the past couple weeks but now that I’ve seen the Ranger….I want. Bad. The sidewinder is neat but the blockieness where the cylinder pivots is kind of a buzzkill for me. It’s purely an aesthetic critique. BUT THE RANGER!!! gimme some’O dat!


  5. Yes, it’s a really tough choice. After all, one candidate is for open borders; one wants to enforce our borders and build a wall. One promised to give amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens; one wants them to go home. One wants to put other countries’ workers first; one wants to put American workers first. One won’t say “militant Islam”; the other wants to prevent militant Muslims from entering the country. One wants to lower taxes; one wants to raise taxes. One wants to increase government control over healthcare; one wants to end it. One wants to criminalize dissent; one is for freedom. One is on board with the war against Christianity; one wants to fight it. One wants to end the right to self-defense by executive order; one wants to protect that right. Such a shame for Sandy to be unable to decide whether or not to save America.

    1. I agree 100% with you Surak, it shouldn’t be that hard for someone to discern the difference in the candidates. Thank God Trump won!!! I can’t understand what people have against the guy, but I am glad we got him and am looking forward to him working to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

  6. Sandy, the results of this election will have a big effect on you and North American Arms if clinton is elected. (Read as you’re screwed.) Yea, I’m very blunt and to the point!
    Seems as though you can’t see past the democrat garbage and support Trump? Trump is your only choice. If you think both candidates are equally deplorable then you have no clue about what the clintons and the democrat party have been doing. (clinton is spelled with a small “c” because they deserve no respect.)
    Please get with the program.

  7. Post-Kennedy, it seems that we either have a choice between Republican presidents who are better at foreign policy than domestic, or Democratic presidents who are better at domestic policy than foreign, and neither side is any less corrupt than the other when it comes to ignoring the Constitution and their race to trample the rights of the individual. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the electorate seems unconcerned about the last bit [ie, they’re inherently unqualified to vote since they can’t be trusted with such a basic decision] so we’re doomed unless we can somehow get another Teddy Roosevelt or Ron Reagan elected.

    Repeal the 17th, that’s when our national troubles started.

  8. All this bickering over who’s worse, a bitter old harridan or The Donald. I say, stop fighting & vote Cthulhu! Why settle for the lesser evil?

  9. I’m looking at purchasing a .22 Magnum Black Widow, if I want to buy a .22 LR Cylinder, will it work on the .22 Magnum frame? How much would you charge for the extra cylinder?

    Thank you,

  10. If Hillary had won… your arms company would have been reduced to selling golf clubs with tactical grips and picatinny rail sections on them. The choice was pretty obvious in this election; it wasn’t a personality contest, it was a policy contest. At least it should have been an obvious choice to anyone with brains enough to be trusted with their own opinion.
    Keep up the good work at NAA. Just don’t get confused on us the next time Saul Alinsky in a pant suit shows up and blows a little sunshine up our kilt.