NRA – The Saga Continues

My friend, Ben Langlotz, is an intellectual property attorney and self-described “gun nut”.  His practice is almost wholly focused on guns and ammo and other shooting sports products.  His clients read like a Who’s Who of the industry, including North American Arms.

Ben publishes a monthly newsletter, typically lengthier and always better-written than my own modest Soapbox.  Ben is very thoughtful, professional and is more disciplined than I am and never “goes fishin’”.

Ben’s newsletters are found on his blog  While most of them address somewhat esoteric IP issues (how to protect your trademark, your new idea, etc.), he has recently expounded on wider industry issues.  His 05/15 edition was entitled “How to Fix the NRA”.  His last (05/29) was “Save the NRA: D-Wayne the Swamp”.

I think Ben’s insights and remedies are spot-on and I agree enthusiastically with most of what Ben says.  I recommend that you read them.


– Sandy


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