1. Short & sweet like me. LAMO. Looking forward to giving you my money & getting a new Ranger 2 soon. Thank you, respectively Richard. TTFN

  2. Did, vote… and relieved, by who won… Won’t have to hide guns.. just yet, anyway. Been trying to find, ace of spades, grips, for my mini, mag… do they make them, for them? If so, where do I get, and how much?,,

  3. What is hold up ,I’ve been waiting almost one year please let me know when it will become avaliable ,I own 6 of your pistols and I feel like I deserve a honest answer.

  4. I voted. Held my nose the whole time. That Photoshopped Ranger II with a bit longer barrel looks perfect. Good luck with it. You have at least one sale, if you are doing market research: me.