May 2020 Soapbox – Disruption. Just wow…

It seems like a long time ago that I wrote my last Soapbox (“March – Corona Virus”), but it’s just been two months (in the interim, my Marketing Manager, Sadie, introduced herself).  When I spoke about the then-recently discovered virus and the devastating consequences that it would likely cause to our economy, I had very little appreciation for the breadth and scale of the upset that was yet to come, and I still don’t.  This thing is far from played-out.  Most of the attention has rightfully been given to public health and safety strategies (social distancing, quarantining) but the sudden, bilateral rush to throw container loads – a.k.a. trillions – of $ at the problem speaks volumes about the devastating consequences of the economic disruption we’re only beginning to recognize.  Industry and commerce have been sent reeling, with the prospects of recovery months, if not years, in the future.  Energy, transportation, hospitality, retail, all on the verge of collapse.  A recession is a certainty.  Unemployment levels will likely exceed those reached in the Great Depression.  No sports to keep us amused but, boy, have we been binging (I recommend Tiger King on Netflix; you can’t make this stuff up).

As I had anticipated, business in the firearms industry has been robust (see below), and NAA has gotten its share and our future continues to look bright.  I’m told that new buyers have been driving this recent buying activity and while we know we’re certainly not anyone’s first gun, we also know that very few people have just one gun.  We may not be your second, or even your third, but we know, you new shooters, you are going to find – and want – us sooner or later.  We’ll be patient.
I’m the last person who can complain about what for many remains a hellish personal experience.  All things considered, life in SW FL has been pretty comfortable.  Still playing some golf and a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle about half completed.  Please know the heartfelt sympathy I feel for you if you are, like one of my daughters, on the roles of the temporarily unemployed through no fault of your own.  While the tunnel is very long, there is indeed a light at the end of it.
Stay safe. – Sandy
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), and particularly their legislative affairs group, deserves great credit for their quick, effective, mulit-fronted efforts to see that firearms manufacturers and retailers were deemed “essential businesses” across the land with very few exceptions, and frequently in the face of substantial governmental pushback.  The NSSF’s engagement was timely and successful, just another example of work that makes them worthy of support.


  1. Thanks Sandy for the well wishes and also you to with you and yours . This dang thing isn’t over till the fat lady sings an all clear .;)

  2. Florida. Going to getting HOT. Still looking for 22lr conversion kit for 25/32/380 Guardians.

  3. SW Fl. is a great place to be. We winter in Naples. I really like your Ranger series and have one in my pocket most of the time. The 2 1/2″ was genius …. quite accurate using Speer Short Barrel ammo. No, not even close to my first or only gun, but I like the little things enough I have four. Thanks for preserving the heritage of early S&W and Colt spur trigger pocket pistols.
    Best regards,
    P.S. Your customer service is outstanding. Had main spring issues and a replacement was sent ASAP at no charge. Thank you!!

  4. Health and Happiness to All! Hey Sandy, how about a Black Widow Pug in PVD and a Black Widow Mini-Master in PVD? I really love my Black Widow in PVD. Of course shooting the 22 magnum conversion made shooting the 22 Lr conversion seem like a cap gun. What about a .327 Magnum version? That would really be a blast! My Guardian .380 and .32 have seen good use as backups and off-duty in my LEO days! Thanks for all the crew at NAA does. God’s Speed!