March Soapbox – The Debate Continues

I hesitate to enter the debate about gun violence control measures, such as which ones should be adopted, etc.  I think I have an informed perspective, but it’s simply my personal opinion.  I could talk at length about a range of issues, but to the extent that anybody cares to hear anything I believe, I offer just a couple of my thoughts.

What has to/will pass?

FixNics legislation, which is named after the National Shooting Sports Program of the same name  The program was begun years ago by the industry in support of efforts by DoJ, FBI, ATF, etc. for the betterment of a critical service (background checks).  The only reason that the legislation hasn’t passed unanimously is because it’s been attached (in the House) to companion legislation supporting national reciprocity of concealed carry licenses.  Left on its own merits, it’s a no-brainer.

What shouldn’t/won’t pass?

Raising the age limit to purchase a firearm to 21.  The age limit to purchase a handgun is 21.  If 18-21 year olds cannot purchase a firearm of ANY type, they have been arbitrarily stripped of their constitutional rights.  That there are politicians who are willing to discuss this possibility, let alone vote in favor of it, should make you VERY afraid.

On another note, sometimes I agree with Rex Tillerson, who reportedly called Trump a moron.  “Take the guns first, go through due process second”.  Really???  That’s as ignorant as it is moronic, and just another reason to be afraid.  I fear this presidency is not likely to end well.  Sigh …

~ Sandy Chisholm


  1. I agree with you to an extent, and used to say so on the forum (no longer using it). I disagree with allowing 18yo to join the military, to be trained use a gun in our country’s defense, and be told he cannot by law buy one at home. After in the service it is his most reliable friend.
    I have said, if an 18 yo is not responsible due to age, then why in a car? Why to vote? Either he/she is a full adult citizen with all the Rights afforded one, or none of the above.

    1. Please let me know if anything comes of the Trit sights for a BW. I was going to do the research myself, but I will put it on hold.

  2. Prior to 1968 we didn’t even have to fill out a 4473 to buy a rifle, shotgun or handgun. Didn’t have to sign anything, and in fact we could buy them by mailing in an order and have it mailed directly to us via USPS. Then came the Gun Control Act, which had no effect on violent crime. Fast forward to the Brady Law and institution of NICS… which had no effect on violent crime.
    Aside from that, gang members (underage and otherwise) in places like Chicago still have handguns.
    If we have to respond to each new shooting event with further gun restrictions, how long before we have gun prohibition and STILL have a problem with violence?
    Mexico has nearly total gun prohibition. Has it solved their violent crime problem?

  3. What I wrote on the forum, before I stoped posting was this: “If you want to claim 18 is not as responsible as 21, I have some news for you. You become responsible by being given and accepting responsibility. The courts say an 18yo is a responsible adult and is charged with adult crimes and given adult penalties. The gov’t says 18 is old enough to be responsible to vote and even run for most offices. The states declare he is responsible enough to have a driver’s license.The Military says they are old enough to join, be given a gun, trained and expected to use it in defense of himself, his comrades, and our country.

    So, which is it, are they responsible to do all of those things? Are they adult citizens? If so, what you are discussing is whether you are OK with infringing on the rights of an otherwise adult citizen.

    As with the too young argument, how would you feel if they said over 70 is too old to own a gun? They’re going senile, they drop things, they can’t see right, they won’t remember… Just Saying, it is a slippery slope …

    I also mentioned in my last apparently gone email was that while I was going to research trit sights for my BW i will wait to see what you guys come up with.

  4. The president is not a moron. He also has always supported the Second Amendment. So I wouldn’t take every word he says Literally. Just the same way we afford that latitude to every other politician.

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