March 2016 – No News to Report on Ranger II

While some of you may be disappointed, while we feel we are making progress (sometimes painfully slowly), we have no news to share about the development of the Ranger II. There are challenges in that program that we still face, and we are trying to find an appropriate balance for our time and resources between new products efforts and addressing the growing backlog for our existing product line. We are as eager as many of you to advance this project and will do so on a timeline and in a fashion that is in the best interests of NAA and, ultimately, our customers.


  1. Obviously the best approach; taken by a wise CEO. But your right Sandy, we are anxious! Another month with restless sleep, waiting for the April Sandbox.

  2. I recently purchased an NAA .22 magnum with the swing out cylinder. It looks good, but as a retired
    Utah State Trooper with severally arthritic hands, the firearm was too difficult to load/unload or put the cylinder in a safe position.
    Unfortunately, I am trying to sell the yet unfired weapon and have decided to wait for the top break
    Schofield type model.
    I hope it is available very soon because I need to keep a discreet firearm close, due to the type of
    criminal activity I investigated during my 30 years of service.
    Please let us know when the new top break model will be available.

  3. I have thought this over intently and I have decided that if asked, I would take on the roll of being one of the first twenty five people to own the Ranger II. I know, it’s a lot of responsibility, but I am glad to do it.
    Thank you for considering me.

  4. Since I missed out on the first Ranger, I await the arrival of the Ranger II. I examined a Ranger at a gun show and fell in love with it, only to find out it was not for sale. I won’t make that mistake again. I’m sure your attention to details of getting right will pay off. That’s how we built the space program.

  5. I just left a message with your customer service In regard to the hammer spur on the revolvers you produce. Due to the short throw of naa revolvers, the spur should be broader to compensate for it.
    Note the Ruger Bearcat hammer width.
    Joe Noll

  6. I tried hard to get one of the first flip top rangers and failed. Hope it works out as a production run piece this time so I can one or more.

  7. + one on the ‘better right than fast’ comment…NAA has built up that demand because of its quality and precision.