July Soapbox – Company Longevity and Niche Markets

I read with keen interest and some amusement two different threads on our Message Board which were created last month relating to the above captioned subjects.

As some of you may know, I read virtually all the posts in the NAA Products section every day.  I feel I need to hear what you’re thinking and saying and to react to it when/where appropriate.  The NAA community input is of great importance to me and helps inform many of my decisions.

Anyway, I am interested in the subject of niche markets; NAA’s existence is based on addressing and serving a niche market, one which we value and do everything in our power to satisfactorily serve.  If you want a gun like a Rugar LCR, Kel-Tec P-38T, SCCY, etc. etc. or a similarly compact 9mm, there are a bazillion choices, many/most of which compete largely on $.  Other than doing a modest business in small caliber semi-auto pistols, which we started because Seecamp was so negligent in serving their market, We Are Mini-Revolvers(BTW, some people continue to prefer an all-steel pistol, weight notwithstanding).

Since the departure of Freedom Arms from the mini-revolver market almost 20 years ago, it’s been ours alone, although some ill-advised attempts have been made to take a piece of our pie.  [For the record, FA was formed afterNorth American Arms.  Dick Casull (RIP) started FA with Wayne Baker after he left NAA.  FA continues to manufacture extraordinary single action revolvers, the foundation of which was based on the eponymous 454 Casull cartridge.]

It’s been our practice to do everything possible to deserve our privileged position by making quality products, supported by 2nd-to-none customer service.  We are appreciative of the (generally) good reputation we enjoy and are committed to do everything in our power to secure and enhance it.

On this Independence Day, I’m proud to be an American, running a “Made in America” country.


– Sandy Chisholm


    1. This new open breech sidewinder is FANTASTIC and if you put them out at market they will sell like hot cakes.How about 17 calibar in a extremly high polished model.This cal begs to be used in your firearms.PERSONAL NOTE…DO YOU STILL MAKE THE GOLD PLATED MODELS IN .22 LR.IF SO WOULD LIKE ONE.Respectfully Vic Gogan

  1. Hi Sandy;
    I have both the Magnum and “Normal” Companions, and am very pleased with both… Is NAA going to add them to
    their “Black Beauties” that I received an ad about in my e-mail TODAY? I think there would be interest in it, (From Me
    FOR SURE)…
    Ltc. US Army (Retired)

  2. Sandy: NAA does indeed fill a unique niche in the firearms market and best of all they are made in the USA. I am with a local Texas chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation NWTF and our annual banquet is August 4, 2018. We are non-profit and raffle off 50+ guns. It was not until I spotted your booth at the NRA show did it hit me that we should start having at lease one of your firearms in our banquet raffle. I sent Jessica our flyer and will be in contact with her hopefully today to see if she can or will be helping us out. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or comments. I would love to have one of your revolvers in the banquet. Thanks and keep up the great work. Peter Cornell, Treasurer Blackland Prairie Chapter, NWTF

  3. Thanks for the reply, I believe I started those threads. I think NAA’s “Niche” and quality will serve it well for many years to come. As with any small company, though, customers may wonder in what direction that will lead.

    I greatly appreciate your “modest” business in semi-auto pistols, as the Guardian serves my needs like no other carry gun could. Some folks here seem to think they’re a waste of resources. Not to me. The other members may eventually talk me into a mini, and with so many to choose, I may just get the addiction myself….:)

  4. There is nothing better than owning a high quality item. Every NAA revolver I have handled has “that” feel. They are indeed a niche item. Maybe that’s what makes them special – or maybe being NAA fans makes us special. Either way I’m glad to be part of the NAA family – ’cause we are family.

    Hats off to Sandy for keeping faith in the American way and to the NAA staff for being so professional, caring and efficient!

  5. I started those two threads, glad they brought some amusement. Some thought I was down on NAA, to the contrary. Small companies tend to get taken advantage of, or leveraged in some way. So, customers like to see the direction a business may take in the future. I think NAA’s “niche” of high quality and service will do them well for a long time.

    I especially appreciate your “modest business” in semi-auto Guardians. My 32 meets my carry preference better than any other gun on the market.

  6. I’m just curious, how many of us does there have to be before we stop being a niche market? Reading the forums shows we have as many different reasons for choosing minis as there are forum posters. Even the same gun may be used for different reasons. My favorite barn mini went to a young friend who was being stalked by what turned out to be a rapist/murder. The only constant in our “niche” is the need for a reliable, easy to carry pistol.

  7. I like my BW model revolver. And at some point I’ll add another one or a mini-master for camping and such. And I’d be inclined to buy a couple of take down rifles based on the platform if it could be made/sold for a reasonable price. May not be what you want to do with the company, but I bet you could get some sales from the preppers who want a simple rifle that they can keep in the trunk of the car. Or other folks that don’t want to pay the price of a 10/22 or equivalent but don’t want a single shot either…