January Soapbox – The Year is New, but the Resolutions are Old

While we met our goal of introducing the Ranger II before the end of last year, the introduction was not as successful as either the factory or our customers would have liked.  While I’m disappointed, I’ll admit that I’m not entirely surprised.  Our best efforts notwithstanding, we faced some glitches which effected both our output as well as apparent quality issues (sticky brass).  I’m confident that we have successfully addressed those issues

Based on what I read on our Message Board (which includes virtually every post, every day), to this point our customers have been, for the most part, tolerant of our shortcomings, confident – as they should be – in our commitment to make things right.  I reaffirm our commitment to making things right the first time but, admittedly, we occasionally come up short.  We know very well that there are costs to both our reputation as well as well as our pocketbook when we have to recover and rework a gun.  It continues to be our goal to avoid these unnecessary, avoidable costs.

Despite Jessica’s very best efforts, which were substantial, I am very sorry that we have disappointed some of our best customers by failing to ship all of our Early Bird orders before Christmas.  I would be upset if I were one of them.  I hope they’ll accept my apology.

So, we enter 2018 with the same resolution that we’ve had every year since I’ve been in business: to do/be better.  While I believe we’ve achieved that most years, there’s still so much more that we can do and it’s our commitment to do it.  I thank you for your business and your support.  Please feel welcome to contact me directly Sandy@NorthAmericanArms.com with any complaints or advice you may want to offer.  Happy New Year.


  1. First off i love my NAA. I have severol. But Yall need to do some sale deal on execeres like other firearms compenes i deal with you get on ther email list and every so often they send a code for sale items.

  2. Happy new year to your team.
    Having a nice collection of your various models of mini revolvers , I would love to see you produce a 10 to 12 inch barrel length mini master. Light weight and extremely accurate for those long shots out in the country or anywhere else . Maybe no longer a pocket pistol but far more precise. I of course would have my back-up 22mag pug.in my pocket. Keep up the good work.
    Capt. Dave Kusterer

  3. Greetings, I thought I was signed up on the message board but I did not receive any notice of a pre-order availability. I would still like to order a ranger two conversion model with a medium size Or smaller size barrel.
    This may be part of the reason why the slow response. However, if there is a way I can place an order and have my dealer accept delivery for me that would be great but I just don’t know how to go about doing that. Any help would be appreciated.