February Soapbox – Return from SHOT 2019

So, another SHOT Show has concluded and, notwithstanding the continued softness in the market, this one was “almost” bigger and “nearly“ better than ever before, approx. 700,000 sq.ft. of display space and 60,000 in attendance. Curiously, the Show will expend next year beyond the confines of the Sands Convention Center to include floor space at the MGM Grand, and then to include still more space at Caesar’s the following year. The logistics for managing the foot traffic are still not clear to me, but we don’t intend to budge from the location we’ve enjoyed for the past several years.

You’ll read that there was very little “new” introduced by NAA. A 2.5” barrel Ranger II (set for production in April, with a 4” model before year’s end, I hope), a truly black (coated) Black Widow http://naaminis.com/smf/index.php?topic=19005.0 , a “rainbow” mini for TALO http://naaminis.com/smf/index.php?topic=17974.msg170765#msg170765 come to mind. While not innovating very much, we continue to try to “do things” better and make better guns. While sometimes the progress seems glacial, I feel we’re making progress none the same.

I’ve noted some recent remarks on our Message Board regarding main spring tension. It’s very annoying that we (and you) continue to suffer from inconsistent heat treating of different batches of springs which is typically the culprit here. We would rather they be too stiff than too light, which typically results in misfires. We’ll be happy to send a replacement spring if yours is problematic.

I send loads of thanks to my team that travelled to Vegas to present NAA at the recent Show. While it can be lots of fun, it certainly is lots of work and frequently entails the risk of post-Show illness: “crud”, flu, cold and other assorted ailments which go hand-in-hand with large crowds, close spaces and lots of personal contact. As usual, I’m suffering as I’ve learned is much of my team. My apologies for their discomfort and my great thanks to them for another job well done.


– Sandy


    1. Jessica had mentioned on the forum several weeks back they were still working out problems with the sights, but, once all issues are resolved, they would be available. She could not give a time line.

  1. A 4″ Ranger? I could still not find the short, but I guess I have to wait even long for the 4.” That’s what I wanted from the get go.

  2. Why was I banned from the forum for posting a thread showing the 2.5″ Ranger II on a shot show video on youtube?

    1. Go to your local gun shop and let them know what you want. If they can’t, or won’t get it for you, let me know. I am an FFL holder and can be found on the NAA forum under the screen name “grayelky”, or my shop email is acworthguns at gmail dot com. Send me a message and we will work it out for you.