1. Do you remember when you heard the final version of the “perfect country and western song?” Many have been close, but they finally nailed it.

    Your mini’s are in the same boat. There are a bunch of them. I like them! But it seems like the perfect mini is still just out of reach…

    Perhaps… just perhaps… a Black-widow barreled Sidewinder / with the XS sights… give it the full 2 inch barrel with both .22 and Mag cylinders… (think I would start with the BW grips myself)

    Life is of course a series of trade off’s. That 1 wouldn’t fit in the belt buckle, but otherwise… It may hang around even when the pickup breaks down or the dog runs away at the sound of the train. What do I know… except that I’ll buy serial # 1 when it comes out.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope it’s not a positive, just precautionary. I wish you well, and a quick return to “normal”, whatever that really is these days…….

  3. Hope your not I’ll. If so then hope you feel better. Now, how about a 22rf/22mag conversion kit for the guardian series.

  4. Quarantine should be long over, I hope Sandy’s back 110%.

    Just for info, a 22 conversion isn’t possible on a Guardian, the barrel is part of the frame. Lots of us would like to see a dedicated 22LR Guardian.

  5. I tested negative on March 10th and I’m sure you will too. The regular 22magnum handles great with the Black widow Grips.

  6. I have an idea. I’m pretty sure it would generate a lot of sales. If so could I get a good deal on one. Laser etch a couple black widow spiders on the black widow revolver cylinder.

  7. I would like a 1&5/8″ case-colored sidewinder in .22LR with holster grip..bigger sights? Maybe stag grip..

    Is this possible?