December 2016 – Election Results, Holiday Wishes, and a little Ranger II

I’d be willing to wager that I’m more tired of having to deflect/defer your interest in the continuing saga of the development of The Ranger II, than you are to be on the receiving end.  I will tell you only that we continue to make progress.  I will not speculate on the timing of such an introduction if, in fact, it ever occurs.  I have heard loudly and clearly the disappointment that many have felt when companies (including NAA, inadvertently) make premature new product announcements; we are determined not to do so.

In a different vein, I feel certain that most are happy that the recent election cycle has blissfully come to an end.  I would venture that many in the NAA audience are as pleased with the outcome as they are surprised.  While the conventional wisdom has it that sales may soften somewhat, the future for the consumer has never appeared brighter (which is a mixed blessing for our friends at the NRA).  Not only do we anticipate no new anti-gun initiatives/regulations and a decrease in anti-gun rhetoric, I think it’s likely that some new common-sense pro-gun legislation may see the light of day, to include nationwide concealed carry reciprocity.  I think we have a lot to look forward to.

I and the NAA family extend to you and your families all the cheer and blessings of the holiday season and best wishes that the new year will be the best one ever.  Thank you for your business and your support.


  1. First I want to wish the folks at NAA a very happy holiday season, next I would like to thank you all for making terrific products, made in America.. I make my living as a corp. Test lab supervisor testing tools for strength, durability, life expentency as well as many other things, I have been doing this for more than 20 yrs so I believe I know a quality product when I see one.. you folks make a quality product.. my wife and I each own NAA revolvers and love to take them to the range and shoot.. I have the wasp 22/22 mag and she as a standard 22 lr. We own many different firearms but I must say we most regularly carry our NAA firearms. (Both have CCW permits) . I’m hoping to pick up a pug and a black widow this year coming.. I know they will be as well made as the ones we now carry.. thank you again for making fine American products.

  2. thank god for the voters good sense in seeing through obama , and hillary`s offer of 4 more years of the same rhetoric
    nonsense . the past administration had little respect , or thought of following the constitution , and their past attempts
    to abolish what ” they ” did not like in the 2nd amendment will now be forgotten with the new presidency . trump seems
    to have his mind set on replacing the supreme court justices with the likes of justice scalia , i may not be here in 20 years ,
    but his choices will be what our children , and grandchildren will live with . ————AMEN

  3. While I would like to have a new Ranger, it will just sit in the safe with the original version. Thus, I have the patience to wait until it is ready. I will likely get a second one to shoot sometimes.

  4. Enjoyed reading your article and for the record I was a Trump supporter from day one. I had a lot of hard looks when I put out my yard signs. Several people who came to my home for various reasons, deliveries, visits and business would always say, I love your door sign. I told my wife that several people were going to have a wake up call come election day. I stayed up until 2:30am watching and laughing as the results come in.
    I’m a retired Deputy in Baton Rouge, La. and was the Firearms Instructor and armorer for our department and many others who needed help. I also instructed at the Law Enforcement Training Academy at LSU.
    You have a wonderful product that I’ve been using since they were first produced for sale.
    Keep up the good work and have many years to come. David Shultz

  5. sandy
    I had some words with you about a gun that was returned to you more than once for what I believed was not best work it could have been.{I do own three others for comparison}i in my anger i said I would make a desk piece out of it or give it away.i gave it away.the past I hope is the past,and I still own three.i hope I will be able to buy some grips and holster from you.i had tried to get a catalog a while back and when we got to my name and address a change in tone seemed to happen and I never got a catalog.i understand if you do not want to do business with me and that’s ok.i did not hold back on what I thought.i had a chance to look at a guardian and liked it.when will they be available? I hope the past can be forgiven thanks Richard holt

  6. Merry Christmas to the NAA team as well! Thank you for the exceptional manufacturing you continue to do here in the states!

  7. i was wondering if your R and D dept could make the grip squared off magnum revolvers want to twist in your hand HARD AS HELL TO HOLD WHEN YOUR HANDS ARE WET OR OILY GRIP TAPE IS ONLY SO GOOD, LOL

  8. Ranger ll is never going to happen , give it up. This little saga has already passed the point of ridiculousness. Every other company talks about putting a product to market and it happens within a year. Guess Sandy is the wrong guy to own this company.

  9. Happy New Year….
    May this one be richer than the last…
    May the Ranger II be born this year.
    I would like a set of twins….

  10. Happy New Year, and hope Santa [or your solstice holiday meme of choice] brought you lots of cool swag! Since I reside behind the Granola Curtain, much of the cheer of our newest president-elect’s win has been blunted by the loud wailing, gnashing of teeth and threats of secession from the fools around me (who also clearly failed their U.S. history courses in grade school!)] 😉

    I truly appreciate your candor upon the Ranger II, and not wanting to be guilty of a vapor-ware fiasco. I’m actually pleased that it’s taking longer, since the chances of it being available here in the PRK with our ever-shrinking list of “approved” handguns [which will only be resolved when manufacturers refuse to fill contract orders for law enforcement in this state: no can be no exceptions to the law, no matter what the law states!] are limited. So the longer it takes, the better the chances are that it will still be in production & available when I finally move to Free America!

    I wish a fabulous 2017 to everyone there at NAA, & all your customers & fans! Keep on being the great people you are, & this country cannot fail at being great [still, no “again” necessary!] 🙂

  11. I also would like to throw my WAY more than 2 cents worth in (To NAA) and purchase a Ranger II ! Pretty please with 2nd Amendment sprinkles on top?

  12. I wish to buy at least two rangers when they come out as well. I know several people that are wanting them too. The fact that the originals are selling for stupidly high prices in auctions when they come available shows there is interest. If you even did one run of 500 that would generate a quarter of a million dollars in sales for you if they were to cost $500.

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