March Soapbox- Corona Virus

Who knew?  A month ago, I’d never heard of it.  One of those curious, foreign calamities that had a news value but otherwise appeared to present very little threat to “us”.  Boy, has that changed, and who knows what the endgame is.

Here’s a small patch of silver lining: the existence/threat of this virus has (at least temporarily) squelched the growing crisis in Hong Kong regarding human rights.  It appeared inevitable that the Chinese government would ultimately launch a Tianamen-style crushing military response.  That threat (temporarily) no longer exists, but no thoughtful individual imagines that the underlying issues that led to the rioting are anything but momentarily dormant – the conclusion of that story has not yet been told.

The first signs of an economic impact – the almost unprecedented, precipitous decline of the stock market – have become blindingly apparent and they resonate across the entirety of the economy (reality check: the DJIA average now stands at roughly what was a record high as little as five months ago).  While fear has exaggerated the decline, there are clearly real supply chain disruptions that make tariffs look like a speed bump.  Ask Apple how this will impact their business.  The ripples are beginning to circle the globe.

For example, next week’s IWA exposition, the international equivalent of SHOT annually held in Germany, has been “postponed”.  The liklihood of the NRA Convention being conducted in Nashville in about six weeks?  I doubt it.  The prospects for the Olympic games being contested in August in Tokyo?  I doubt this “thing” is going to be fixed in time to assure the safety to the potential attendees.

We’re just getting a taste of the impact of this virus here at home and while it’s far too early to imagine the possible outcomes, I’m not reassured about our ability to combat the contagion.  It’s my increasingly cynical nature to fear the worst when my government echos Franklin Roosevelt (“The only thing we have to fear …”).  My imagination runs wild.

History has shown the impact that the threat of social unrest has on the firearms market.  I’d very gladly forgo the likely increase in business for a solution to, or even mere mitigation of,  the problem.

BTW, Bernie vs. Biden?  (Biden at a town hall 02/20: “Gun manufacturers, I’m coming for you, period”.  Oh please … bite me).  A titanic struggle between Lilliputians.  A war of wits between unarmed opponents.  The Democrats will deserve the outcome of the nomination/election process that appears increasingly likely.

So, that’s my story.  Happy March!


  1. Nice write-up. You touched on some points that aren’t in the hysterical media……Thank you.

    Biden and Bernie? Dumb and dumber.

  2. Hey sandy I’ve been looking for a decent colt new line in 32 centerfire cal for some time now but the folks who have them think they’re they’re worth two or three times than they actually are, i understand that gunnies have been asking you to make a 32 cal revolver for years, i don’t think it would have to be too much bigger than they already are. Like maybe a little smaller than an i frame or just like the colt new line would be perfect. Is the new tooling too expensive, wouldn’t it be profitable with all the violent and hate hoing on these days most people want to conceal carry and a simple derringer style highly concealable revolver would bring millions of dollars in today’s gun panic market. Also i dont want to spend $1000 on a colt new line 32 and have it blow up in my hand when i load it with 32 S&W short or long or 32 acp. So help out your fellow Americans and make us a 32 cal mini revolver because everyone knows that you make the kind of gun that every other gun wants to be.

  3. Agree with 32cal cf. Keep it small. 32 S and W long or possibly 32 H and R mag? Maybe no bigger than Colt newline model. Doubt one could control recoil with 327 Fed mag.