August 2017 – Ranger II Progress

I was at the factory yesterday and will be returning tomorrow to visit with the manufacturing/engineering consultant who is scheduled to arrive today, and who will remain onsite “almost” until the project is ready for introduction.

While I am encouraged by what I see as the progress we’ve made and the brightness of the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m all too aware of the variety and unanticipated nature of the pitfalls which may yet remain between “here and there”, to include vendor cooperation/performance, continued tweaking to achieve a production-grade product and procedures, etc. etc.

I still have every reason to believe we can achieve our goal of “before Christmas” and “under $500”.

Yes, I expect we will offer an Early Bird purchase opportunity for registered members of our Message Board community – details to follow.

I look forward to reporting on our continued progress with firmer details as they become available.  I appreciate your interest and your patience.

-Sandy Chisholm


  1. I have the tiny 22lr revolver, also the BlackWidow .22mag and now I have the NAA .22mag Sidewider where the cylinder hands out like a real revolver., which I just bought. Now all I dream about is having, some .22mag rounds on a speedstrip. Can you make us happy with some speedstrips? Please, pretty please. It would help definitively in faster reloading with a speed strip. Let me know at aikikenjitsu_black_belt@yahoo. com if you can help me. I would need only four speedstrips, which would be awesome.Please let me know when you will get some in. Thanks
    Robert Mc Dowell 95’2″ and small hands.

  2. I sure am an American arms fan. I gave one to my dear friend and he was thrilled. I have bought 2 more one is a mag and I just had to have the 22 short can’t wait to get it. I am going to buy new grips for it. Keep up the good work.
    Myles Hughes,jr

  3. Sandy,

    Thank you for the promising update.
    I certainly am looking forward to the introduction and participate in an early bird purchase.

  4. Will a 22 LR cylinder be available?
    Will a 4″ model be available for CA?

    I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Great news. Please keep me signed up for an early bird purchase. I’ve told several folks about the weapon. I hope it comes out with both .22 LR and .22 mag cylinders.

  6. Are you planning on releasing to california due to the less than 3″ barrell restriction? Just learned of this horrible restriction today. Hope so……

  7. I was just thinking…There is an XS sight on the Bug Out TALO…Is it a possibility to get that option on the Ranger? I’m a geezer and need some help pointing.

    Waiting for the early bird purchase opportunity!!

  8. Sandy, are you going to give the members a chance to purchase the Ranger before they hit the stores? I need one to go with my original Ranger, Thanks, Jim

  9. Sandy, I do now and then post on the forum. I am following the progress on the Ranger. I presently own 21 N.A. Firearms. How do I get on the early bird special for the Ranger and how does that work? Also how do I get the news letter? My e-mail address is

  10. Looking Forward to the new Ranger! I was not able to get one of the first ones you made but I am sure to get one of the new ones. Thank You Sandy for making such great firearms. I had to sell some of my Guardians and one or so of my Minis but not anymore. I shold be in great shape for the New Ranger’s release and I look forward to it!

  11. Will it have both .22lr and .22WMR cylinders? How do we get access to the early bird special if it happens?


  12. Bought 2 sidewinder a couple of years ago. I carry one a backup and off duty. can’t wait to get my hands on this Schofield model. Will it come in 22mag along with extra cylinders (kit like the SW).