April Soapbox – Things Are Getting Better, Across the Board

It appears to me that the cosmetics and reliability of our currently produced Rangers is improving to where it is now virtually on a par with that of our other guns.  My impressions are based on several different inputs: primarily reports from the factory, both qualitative as well as quantitative, but also to include reactions from our end customers, which I receive directly as well as anecdotally from our user community (Message Board).  There is a whole slew of reasons for this improvement: engineering and assembly tweaks, better vendor performance as well as a better understanding of this gun and its idiosyncrasies by the factory technicians – these all contribute to a better product.

I’m also pleased to report that we’ve made improvements to our Hoglegs, Earls, Sidewinders, Pugs, etc. etc.  In fact, it’s our goal to make every gun we manufacture better than the ones we manufactured the day before.  Sometimes those “improvements” are more substantial than others (e.g. MM and BW cylinder pins), but most are incremental and almost indiscernible.  Notwithstanding, our goal always remains the same – do better and make a better product.   That’s our mission.

As always, I promise a personal response to a personal inquiry to either Sandy@NorthAmericanArms.com or 215-385-2315.


  1. It’s pleasing to hear that your making moves on the Ranger. All I would like to know is when you might be shipping as I’ve had one on order with my local dealer for about a month. I’ve researched this gun through a number of videos and magazine writing and believe that it is really a true CCW protection gun. Since I own 5 of your guns and consider them excellent weapon, I feel the Ranger will only expand your companies reputation for quality and defensive weapons for self protection.

  2. Sandy,
    I just read Ken Friel’s email to ‘BigBird’ as posted on the msg. board regarding sight issue.
    Please suggest that if this requires redesign /tooling for Ranger latch that the solution may be to enlarge the top to accommodate a dovetail, for XS or other backsights, and likewise front sight.
    Notice that S&W Schofield had the latch form an upright plane for a graceful sight.
    Thank you!

  3. Any thoughts that a small 4 shot 9mm sidewinder or topbreak revolver are in the planning? would be pretty slick and have a little more stopping power.