June Soapbox – “Perfect” Storm

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

Thanks to COVID-19, the levels of anger and hostility many people feel have risen, largely as a function of the severity of their lockdown status, their suffering through miserable weather, possible lost jobs, etc.  For example, I plan to return to PHL later this week (crimson RED status) and I anticipate facing a very angry community – businesses closed, lockdown in effect, lousy weather – quite unlike the more comfortable, permissive (Yellow, tending Green) circumstance I’m leaving in SW FL.  News reports confirm that the “angry zone” occupies broad swaths of our country.  A lot of hostile energy, looking for an outlet.  What to do?

Enter George Floyd (R.I.P.), the most recent face of police criminal misuse of force.  Tragic.  Inexcusable.  The unlawful behavior of a reprehensible few stains the many dedicated professionals who are sworn to – and who generally deliver – necessary and important public service.  The response in this and ALL instances ought to be swift justice.  The protests can’t be loud enough.  Maybe, similar to the thoughts of many following another episode of senseless gun violence, THIS will be the catalyst to deliver enduring change.  Sadly, color me skeptical/cynical.

I shouldn’t diminish/compare the level/intensity of anger for social injustice vs. the relatively short-lived interruption of a pandemic.  The injustice component is personal, soul-felt and has been simmering for decades.  “Something should be done!”; indeed.  The pandemic is simply a momentary source for more anger.

Please stay safe and remain hopeful.  Admittedly, mine is hanging by a thread.


  1. Adults control their anger and respond logically.Why should a career criminal become an icon of a political movement?All lives matter regardless of race,creed and wanton destruction of property is unacceptable.It is time for the children adults to grow up and become useful citizens.No excuses.

  2. I have seen a great number of new shooters at the range as a result of the COVID-19 scare. We ALL, regardless of what we shoot, be it 22 paper targets, rifles, shotguns for clay pigeons, etc, should serve as role models and stewards to this new generation of firearms people. They are new to the field and need to not be afraid of the device they have just gotten land learn that they can use it safely. I have already been helping out with my limited gun fumbling expertise with these new shooters. Those first few round alway inspire and intimidate. Long live the Republic !


  3. Hoping we all get through the next five months without much loss, however I don’t see how this country will come back together after the past 3 1/2 years.

    I just bought my first NAA firearm and couldn’t decide between the 32 Guardian or the Ranger II. Decided on the Ranger II for now. I’ve been kind of collecting .32 and .32ACP firearms lately so the Guardian might be next.

    Keep your powder dry!

  4. And then we see the body cam; looks like yet another bad situation determined to be racism that was not. please keep your social justice, I’ll keep real justice and not buy any more of your guns if you want to join the social justice warriors mob.

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