June 2016 – I Know, Late Again…

I wish I had something specific to report about The Ranger II, but I don’t.  Work on it continues.  We’re in constant contact with potential vendors and we have resources we continue to spend on this project.   I still believe we can make this product happen.

That said, frankly, we‘re more focused on addressing the business we presently have.  We’re appreciative of the opportunity and need to satisfy the customers who are already waiting for our guns.  That’s our priority.

While I’m eager to bring this new product back to the market, we’re not going to lose sight of the need to address current demand – with good guns.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I know that several of you feel teased and are eagerly awaiting this attractive new product and I thought you were due as good an answer as I could give you.  This is it.

It is with the greatest sincerity that I thank our customers for creating these opportunities and challenges.


  1. Perhaps you could use Uncle Lee’s voluminous shoebox inventory to fill your open orders. I also hear there are some idle elves up north that may work for milk and cookies to get you caught up!

  2. I am in on the waiting game missed out on the first Ranger. I really think this one will be great. I have sold off two my minis for the money to get the new Ranger. I did this to family my brother and sister now own minis. Well my brother just bought his second mini as wife would not leave his alone. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK of making wonderful little guns

  3. Thanks Sandy – Nothing is more appreciated than the straight story. We will still support NAA and patiently await new products as they fit into a good solid business plan.

  4. Thanks Sandy. Nothing is appreciated more than the straight story. We trust in a good business plan. When it fits, the Ranger will arrive.

  5. While I wait on the Break Top, I’ll continue to carry a Pug everyday. But while you’re working on the pistol, let someone design a holster that stays in your front pocket. Maybe that also holds 5 extra rounds. I purchased the holster you offer, but I removed the metal clip and trimmed off the top off the holster. By trimming the holster, I can push the holster off the pug with my thumb as I pull it out my pocket.


  6. What is the problem?? Supply and demand?? You have a product that obviously people want to purchase! So put some money and development into it and get it produced! How hard is that? What you will end up doing, by keeping up this fake fasod of stringing people along about a product that is not being produced, is driving customers away!! I own a business and understand that there is startup costs and retooling costs, but if I have a demand for a product I get it done and deliver!

    Get it done!!

    1. I make template designs for all the leather projects. I know what it means to get it right so that I can duplicate it later and be assured that my customer is pleased. I fully understand what it means to “Get it done,” but getting it “Done Right” is how a professional does his craft. Don’t mind the impatient ones, because you will “really hear it ” if they get a pistol in their hand and “something just ain’t right with this thing.” So press on and “Do It Right.” I am sure we will all be grateful when the Ranger II gets into our hands and it is in perfect working order, just like my other NAA revolvers.

  7. Ready and waiting for my next naa, revolver… 1’st was a pug, then a year later a black widow, then a sidewinder I think a ranger will be my crown jewel. Cant wait!!..

  8. I just purchased the Guardian .25 NAA and love it. If they produce the Trooper II, think about making it a .25 cal. that uses the COR BON bottle neck ammunition. Awesome!

  9. My Bride and I are on our first NAA a black widow in mag, and she has already told me that she will happily trade her black widow in for the ranger when it is available.
    Keep up the good work, we love the black widow.

  10. Will, now, never buy an NAA product. This is terrible hype marketing for a product that will be priced to gouge the consumer. Or, not enough product for the demand created by the hype. Shame on you, NAA.

  11. I think you will sell 3 Rangers to 1 of any other derringer you currently produce, we are anxiously awaiting this Ranger , go ahead pull the trigger and do it !

  12. Can someone at least give an approximate “estimated” time frame on the Ranger II… Are we looking at a few months, several months, years??? Also an “estimated” MSRP? Is the Ranger II going to be a limited run, or a full production model? I’ve been waiting on this model forever, but if its going to be a substantial amount of time, I will buy the Sidewinder instead! Ide really just appreciate answers. I 100% respect NAA for taking the time to make sure there will be no issues, and function safely! Im just getting anxious!!!

    NAA Please Reply, thanks in advance!

  13. I hear ya and your right. You have to pay attention to the business that got you here. Existing customer satisfaction with well priced superior quality items is the key to success. That being said a new item with all the bugs worked out is worth waiting for. AS LONG AS IT IS NOT TOOOOOO LONG. LOL!!