September 2015 – Housekeeping…and A GIVEAWAY!


As the summer wanes and the fall season quickly approaches we wanted to do some housekeeping to our online presence.  You will notice that you are reading this soapbox on our new blog available at  This wont replace our existing website, but will work in concert with it to help us organize our information better.

As you have already observed, clicking “Sandy’s Soapbox” on our home page will bring you directly to the current soapbox on our new blog site. You can also access it by clicking on the “News” link on or by going directly to

The news sub-site will eventually host all Sandy’s Soapboxes, magazine articles, product reviews, and media in a blog format.  This format will make it easier (by leaps and bounds) to create and share content and help us increase our presence in the Everyday Carry market.

Eventually we will make all soapboxes from 2010 to present available with a link to an archive of older ones.  You will notice today that the soapboxes are from 2014 to Present and the reviews are sparse.  This will be an ever-evolving process, which will require your patience.  So pardon our dust while we continue this exciting renovation and expansion.

And now the good stuff!


In exchange for that patience, NAA is pleased to announce our “Pick Your Everyday Carry™ Solution” contest!  We are giving one lucky fan a chance to add anything from the current production list of NAA Products to your Everyday Carry™ arsenal.  To enter go to and submit your information via the secure form.  The winner will be chosen on December 1st and all contest rules, terms, and conditions can be found at

Thanks for your continued support and good luck!

Kenny Barlow
Sales and Marketing Manager


  1. i carry my NAA 22 lr / 22 mag with a night sight with the 22 mag cylinder loaded with hollow points. it is the first item i put in my pocket when i get dressed. i have had this pistol for many years and my night sight has just a faint glow left. i need to buy a new night sight soon.

    1. Glad to hear you carry consistently for all these years! Night sights are great but you may also want to check out our laser sight that fits all 22 Magnums from NAA. It also maintains holster compatibility!

  2. I carry 22 mag, I love it. Just would like to have extra ammo, some kind of leather pouch like a coin purse or a holster for both,

  3. Always have my NAA 22 mag when I am heading out. Easy in the pocket holster or in a neck chain holster under my shirt as a b/u if I am headed into an area where I might need a little more gun like my 38 +p or 40… Lets face it….. no gun in a gun fight is an automatic loser. A pocket gun trumps a thug with a knife in the supermarket parking lot…

  4. I bought the 22 Mag at a gun show this past weekend. I went to the range today. I enjoyed the heck out of this little gun. It has a kick but I didn’t except it to just sit there. My son has had a NAA 22 Mag for a year and brags on it now I see why. I carried a S&W Air Weight 38 Special for about a year, I thought I liked it now I don’t. Thanks NAA.

  5. Can anyone tell me how to get a Mad Hatter holster? I can’t seem to find his website, I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me his e-mail or website, I need a holster for a sidewinder.
    Thanks abunch!

  6. I have 2 rifles a 22L, 270 & a shotgun with lots of amo Just bought my hand gun today. THE JUDGE! 410/45LC SS 3″. I pick it up in a week. I’ve been thinking about a 22M/L combo small revolver for a while & asked if they had any. Yes, a guy ordered one and then backk out, a week ago. It was the Blackwidow 22L/M combo. Yes!!! I really love it. I put it in my pocket. Fit great. He is holding it for me till my JUDGE comes in. So tell me y I should get it? Is it worth a $hlt

  7. I really want a Ranger any news on making them again or any for sale? Big time fan I carry My NAA hard wear every time I go out the front door. I love My PUG and Sidewinder they sound like my 38 love it!

  8. For more than 25 years I’ve owned NAA handguns. They have been constant companions from city streets to the deep woods. With the exception of government buildings and medical facilities if I have pants on my NAA mini is with me.

  9. If I have a pocket, there are 3 things in them: NAA 22 mag mini, pocket knife, and a flashlight. I bought my first mini in 1977, a 1 1/8 LR. Still have it. My current carry minis are either a Wasp or a Black Jack in magnum.

    I own Acworth Guns. If anyone in GA wins this contest, I will handle the transfer at no charge to them.

  10. I have my NAA 22mag wasp with me 24/7. Can’t think of a time or a place that it was not on my person……..well the half day I was a juror in a civil case. But it was in my truck. I everyday carry a Sig 40 cal away from the house the wasp is a my backup.

  11. I just picked up a used 1 5/8″ 22LR. Took it to the range today and I am very impressed by quality of this gun! I will be looking for a magnum in the near future. Love these guns, so easy to carry, easy to shoot too.

  12. I carry a Pug every day! I am a Wine salesman, so I am usually in a suit traveling the very dark and raining streets of Seattle. I feel safe carrying the Pug going up the stairs from Alaska Way to Pike ‘ s Place Market at Midnight. I am very impressed with your small but powerful Pug. I could carry something larger but why?

    Thanks N A A well done!


  13. I absolutely love my NAA .22 Magnum with the 1 5/8 barrel. Its on me 24/7 wherever I go since I have a concealed carry permit here in Pennsylvania which does things the right way for law abiding citizens carrying to protect themselves and their families. While I have many other handguns including .38 Special and .380 auto, I prefer carrying the NAA .22 Mag everywhere. Small, easy to operate, stainless steel quality and a .22 Mag is more than enough for self defense protection. I love the CCI HP+V 30 grain….excellent velocity and ranks very high in all ammo tests including NAA’s tests.