1. Will you ever produce the Ranger again? Maybe as a special order for say Christmas? Just asking. I think that sales would be through the roof no matter what it costs to purchase.

  1. Will the 1400 cap and ball cylinder work in the 22 magnum so as to allow for 22 long rifle to be used in this gun?

  2. Awesome. Wish I had it when I worked all those years under cover. The Pug 22mag. is amazing. The AMT was good but too many problems. Thanks for the simplicity. Nick Salazar

  3. Any thoughts of making a Black Widow convertible mini-RIFLE? Something that could be disassembled or collapsed into its stock as a small survival setup? The ultimate “cool gun” as well a great super-light-weight Bug Out / Survival / Trunk gun.

  4. Is the Break Top in the comeback works? I sure hope so! I did not know that this model even existed until recently (2015). While learning all that I could about your products, I stumbled across this model, and cannot believe that it was not produced as a mainstay in the lineup. This design would seem the “perfect” mini revolver design for it’s ease in reloading and switching cylinders, not to mention when used with the folding “holster” grip that is offered, I believe that the Break Top would be a very high quality shootable backup weapon. In my opinion it would out perform even the sidewinder for reloading ease. Please consider producing this model again in the future as firearm sales are still at an all time high (or possibly record breaking high as Hillary lurks overhead) and quality made firearms are in demand by folks who care about the 2nd Amendment.
    Thank you for your consideration,

  5. I’m hoping for the return of the Ranger. Without a doubt it’s the epitome of what an NAA Mini can be.

    Please, Santa, bring me Rangers for Christmas!