November 2015 – The Premature Introduction of Ranger II

Well, it appears I’ve been scooped:

New for 2016: North American Arms Ranger II Mini Revolver(Photo by B. Gil Horman for American Rifleman)

At the recent National Assoc. of Sporting Goods Wholesalers trade show in New Orleans, we shared with several people the prototype illustrated in the press piece which started this thread:

Having largely completed most of the re-engineering of this piece earlier this year, it was our hope to present this re-introduction of the Ranger as “in production” by this show.  Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

While it was not my intention that this receive any press attention yet, I was probably foolish thinking it wouldn’t. While I’m happy to create some anticipation, I’d prefer to avoid the missteps which occurred with its precursor.

Our present plan/goal is that we’ll have every component in a production condition next month and begin manufacture in earnest in January; pieces should be in stores in February.  I believe that this schedule is attainable BUT I am painfully aware that “stuff” may yet still happen.

I anticipate we’ll extend an Early Bird offer for this piece. We’ll keep you posted as this project “matures”.


  1. Absolutely, positively would welcome an offer In the way of an “Early Bird ” offer. Willing to send a deposit if necessary. Really looking forward to obtaining one! Thanks in advance for any such opportunity.

  2. Cheep version of the old one:(
    i would of paid more for the older model if u guys would have put that one back in production.Guess ill Just wait for the 2.5 inch sidewinder to come out then if it ever does smh.

    1. just curious – why do you say it’s a “cheap” version? I think it will look fine when we get a look at the revolver in hand or in some more extensive photos. The latch is different, but won’t be “cheap”. NAA has high standards for appearance and functionality. I’m sure it will be fine.

      1. The latch was one of the reasons why i wanted it now it looks like aother hammer on the gun. Im sure its quality will b great its just not as nice as the older model so i wont b buying one

    1. Yes, that: a 4″ barreled version for those of us presently stuck behind the Granola Curtain, but also easily “doctored” to a shorter length when we make pilgrimage to the factory on vacation. It only has to be 4″ to be retailed here. Once we’re already registered with the DOJ as owning it, we’re in like Flynn… 😉

  3. I’m definitely interested in one (or two) of these. Will they have the ability to swap cylinders from .22 mag to .22 lr, like your other revolvers?

    1. Hey jasen,
      There is one on GunBroker right now that started at a penny.
      The high price is NOT the fault of the seller.
      It is what the buyer is willing to pay for it..

  4. if YOU COULD BUILD A VERSION Ranger2 + The Black Widow U would have the perfect pocket pistol. But I would still love to have the Ranger 2 or the Ranger. I will b buying one.!!!!!!!!!

  5. I understand the previous Ranger was strictly .22 magnum… will there be a version of the Ranger II available in .22lr, by any chance?

    God bless,

  6. Do not like the new latch-looks like it has been added and does not really belong on the gun . (a last ditch fix) Also a slightly longer barrel and better sights could help.

  7. Well, I will have to see the price before I commit.
    I don’t have any children so if they want your first born, I can’t pay the price.

  8. I’d love one also but I’ll watch for the price. if its under 400 I might consider one. I won’t buy a Pug because of the price.

  9. Please make a version with the folding grip and both .22 LR and .22 Magnum cylinders. I would be interested in the early bird offer too.

  10. I guess my question would be “Why”. This gun reminds me of all the early top break models made by just about everybody that were found lacking in strength and security. Kinda like trying to reinvent the wheel. Old top breaks would catch on clothing and come unlocked, excessive firing and use wore out so many of the locking pieces.
    I understand the need for manufactures to come out with “new and improved” models but a fast reloading mini-revolver does not seem necessary.
    Good luck with it anyway. There should be a lot of expired patent designs that you learn from.

  11. PLEASE make a tactical flat dark earth ceraokote version with front night sight and laser sights, with tactical rubber combat grips!!! Also please make one in nickel with a gold bead front sight and real stag grips!!! Also please make one in high-polish blue with imitation ivory grips!!! Also make one in casehardened with walnut grips!!! Also, make all of these for under $150 each. If not, I’m not buying this gun. Period.

  12. I’m skeptical of the gun being available in February. I remember Guns & Ammo doing a piece on the Beretta Pico in which they said the gun would be available sometime “in the last quarter” of 2013. I figured that meant late December of 2013. Nearly a year later, after e-mails to Beretta and website responses from them stating they actually had no idea when the gun would available, in October of 2014 the gun finally appeared (and I must admit I was disappointed in it when I finally got one).

    I want one of these Rangers too, but let’s see when they actually appear … I also don’t think reviews of guns that were seen at a SHOT show should be published before the gun in question is actually available – it’s very annoying to read something, get excited about it and then find out no one knows when you can actually buy one!

    IMHO …