December 2015 – Ranger II On Track

While we have very little new to report, I though some might appreciate an update regarding the anticipated introduction of Ranger II.

As I indicted in last month’s timeline, we are expecting very shortly (within the next week) to receive “final” preproduction samples of some critical components. Some small tweaks may yet be required, but we’re hoping to release purchase orders for all outside parts before the end of the month. If that’s the case, full production could begin as soon as February. I expect we’ll have a couple of samples in our pockets at SHOT next month in Las Vegas that we will show to interested parties, but would expect that our Grand Introduction will occur at the NRA Show in Louisville in mid-May, by which point we expect there will be a good quantity available on the dealers’ shelves.

We will offer Early Bird opportunities to visitors to this site/Friends of the Factory before we begin general shipments, details of which will be posted when we have firmer dates and a better handle on pricing. I am determined that this product will be available for less $ than the original model – under $500 for a model with one cylinder; that’s the plan.

As always, while it is my practice not to respond to general inquiries posted on our Message Board, I commit to answering any/every email addressed to me personally at I wish you all a Happy Holiday season.

PS – Mini-revolvers make great stocking stuffers!


  1. I can’t remember looking forward to a new pistol as much as I am this one. I regularly carry 2 NAA pistols, a Mag Pug and a Black Widow mag…. I’ll have to get pants with a lot more pockets I suppose but I’m looking forward to that “problem”……

  2. Hi Sandy: It would seem that my email to you fine folks isn’t working so maybe you can post just exactly if the fine model of North American Arms, catalog number NAA-1860-3, your three inch barreled Earl is or is not exempt from the California Safety Roster? I sure thought that not too long ago I received an email from your customer service department stating just that, that the model in question is indeed exempt from the list and therefore is legal to purchase in the state of California. I’m sure that readers would also like to hear about this. You have so many fine examples of manufacturing “art” and only have two on the list. It’s terrific on top of these two fine models that even more are exempt from the list and collectible in the state. I wanted your top break and didn’t get one and also would like your (is it?) sidewinder model. Such cool models and so little amounts available to residents in California. Thanks Sandy and keep up the great work.

  3. Will there be an early release with special serial numbers like for the Sidewinder. That was fun. Looking forward to getting one in 22Mag, for my collection.

  4. I would love to be in on the Early Bird release.
    Been waiting for this re-release for years. I have been carrying my BW Mag for a long time and believe this R II will be the step up! Or carry both.