August 2015 – Muslim-free Zones

You may have read recently about the gun store owner who announced his intent to stop serving any customers of the Muslim persuasion (and I wonder how you accurately identify them in the first place?) as a retaliatory action related to the Chattanooga shooting, as well as to a myriad of other extremist incidences of violence. When I first heard it, I was alarmed at the possibility that this man’s moronic reaction might tarnish the greater industry and that an industry-wide response should be made, not expressly to repudiate that individual but instead to draw attention instead to what we’re about/for, which is nondiscriminatory inclusion of the entirety of our customer base. I believe that represents the unequivocal sentiment of most of my peers, but I’m in no position to speak on their behalf. Disappointingly, but perhaps prudently, “industry” felt that “no response” was more appropriate.

I own North American Arms and this Soapbox and do not feel inhibited from unabashedly outlining one of my/our principles: we will not discriminate in our hiring, purchasing or selling against any individual on the basis of any bias to include gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual-orientation, yada, yada, yada. I promise to enthusiastically and respectfully market and sell to any individual lawfully entitled to own a firearm. I need and respect the entirety of my customer base and if that causes people to think less of me or my products, so be it.

Would you like my take on Cecil the Lion? Maybe next month if nothing better comes up.

PS Look for our new 2.5″ Sidewinder. Yes, we have been manufacturing and shipping the 4″ model for the past month!


  1. I realize I may be a little late in responding to this. Refusing to sell to some one because they are Muslim is kinda like wanting to ban firearms because some kook used one to shoot innocent people. I own Acworth Guns. Customers are welcome, as long as they are able to legally buy firearms under Federal Law.

  2. I am happy to hear/read your position on discrimination. All of our neighbors are Muslim and you couldn’t wish for better neighbors. All of this craziness, especially with The Donald stirring up his own kind of Craziness with Mexico, is getting pretty scary. To hear a voice as a proponent for non- discrimination is really refreshing. A “no response” is just a chicken crap way out of not stirring the pot. If more people & industry leaders spoke up/out for our rights as Americans we would be in better shape. We would not be so fearful of our Civil & Constitutional rights being taken away from us. So, a big Thank You for your response.