• .32NAA Caliber
    • Identical to the 380ACP frame, but chambered in proprietary 32NAA (a 380 bottle-neck cartridge)
  • 6+1 Capacity
  • Stainless Steel

Designed for law enforcement and people serious about personal protection, we think the results speak for themselves.  The 32NAA is a cartridge/firearm ‘system’ designed and developed by the partnership of North American Arms and Colorado Custom Cartridge. In essence, the cartridge is based on a 380 case, which is necked-down to hold a smaller 32 bullet. The benefit is a remarkable gain in ballistic performance (below).

The .32NAA Guardian pistol is designed around this cartridge. This gun is almost identical to .380 ACP Guardian, different only in the chamber and the size of the bore. The cartridge is manufactured by Colorado Custom Cartridge, a well-recognized industry leader in the development of high-performance ammunition.

To summarize: the load delivers in excess of 1222 f.p.s. velocity to a 60 grain proprietary bullet from Hornady. This generates 199 ft. lbs of energy, specifically from the 2.5″ Guardian barrel (1453 f.p.s. & 287 ft. lbs from a 4″ test barrel).


According to industry expert Ed Sanow, the 32NAA:

  • Produces more velocity, more energy and more stopping power than any conventional jacketed lead hollow point (JHP) 32 ACP, 380 ACP or 380 ACP (+P) with 15% less recoil (Power Factor) than the (+P)
  • Penetrates 8.3″ of Gelatin after passing through four (4) layers of denim, expanding to a .55″ mushroom with a retained weight of 100%
  • Has a Fuller Index of 62% One-Shot Stops, compared to (for example) the 380 ACP Federal 90gr. Hydra-Shok (53%)

At this point in time, .32 NAA Ammunition is sometimes hard to find. If your dealer does not carry .32 NAA Ammo, you may order it from North American Arms. We can ship ammunition by Ground only – no Overnight or 2nd Day. Your entire order will be shipped via Ground regardless of the Shipping Method you select, if it includes Ammunition. We can ship to any state in the continental United States, except AK, DE, DC, HI, IL MA, NY, and OH. Please consult your local laws before ordering.

Call us at (800) 821-5783 to order. 32 NAA Ammunition is available in these two options:

  • Colorado Custom Cartridge, box of 20, 60 Grain JHP Cartridges (Currently unavailable)
  • Colorado Custom Cartridge, box of 50, 71 Grain FMJ Performance Match Cartridges – $18.00 (Limited Availability)
  • Hornady, box of 25, 80 Grain FTX Critical Defense – $18.00 (Currently unavailable)

Quick Links for the Guardian .380 ACP

Caliber: .32NAAP
Capacity: 6+1
Length: 4.81″
Height: 3.69″
Width: 0.94″
Weight: 20.4 oz.
Barrel Length: 2.5″
Sights: Fixed Blade Sights
Action: Double Action Only
Grips: Hard Rubber Grips