22 Magnum Blued – 1 5/8” Barrel

  • Carbon-steel Bluing
  • Grip of Customer’s Choice

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The following is a brief set of guidelines to help you in the care, cleaning and storage of your restored firearms or finished metal parts.

Cleaning & Oiling:

On any full wood and metal restoration that we have completed for you, we recommend that the firearm be cleaned and oiled (both inside and out) with quality over-the-counter gun oil such as G-96 Gun Treatment or Remington Rem Oil. These oils are purely petroleum-based and do not contain any solvents that will damage or harm the wood or metal finishes. Likewise, quality gun grease should
be used on any parts that are close tolerance or have the potential for high friction (e.g., double gun hinge pins, forend irons and takedown rifle collars).

Use of Solvents:

DO NOT use any solvents, aggressive de-greasers or abrasives on the outside of the firearm. Many commercial firearm cleaning products contain solvents that will dissolve lead and/or copper. These solvents will instantly damage your stock finish, as well as the protective layer of varnish or lacquer that’s applied to our color case hardened parts. It’s important to take precautions and protect the exterior of the firearm if you are using these cleaners.

Case Colors:

The colors on your case hardened parts are a by-product of the hardening process. The colors are somewhat fragile and will wear and fade over time from normal handling and usage. Care should be taken to minimize exposure to sunlight for extended periods of time. The hardness obtained by the steel during the coloring process will not be affected even if the colors begin to fade or wear off. The color case hardening process performed by us  uses the same materials and techniques used by 19th and 20th century gunmakers.

Charcoal Bluing and Rust Bluing:

The charcoal blue and rust blue finishes we apply are also correct, traditional finishes. They are very tough and durable. These finishes should be cleaned and oiled just like any other blued part.

Nitre Bluing:

Like color case hardening, the nitre blue color is the result of the heat phase and tempering process. Nitre bluing is the most fragile, and will wear and fade the quickest of all the finishes.


Firearms need to be cleaned, oiled and kept dry when not being used. This is especially true when storing firearms for an extended period of time. Improper storage is the leading cause of rust pitting. DO NOT store your firearms in a place that’s subject to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. It’s also important that the container/case used for storage has ample ventilation.

Keep in Mind:

All firearms will show wear with normal amounts of usage, but following these tips and exercising good judgment will help ensure the retention of your firearm’s newly-restored beauty for many years.

*Custom Finishes are not covered under our lifetime warranty.

Thank you again for choosing North American Arms.
We’re happy to assist should you have any questions on your firearm.

Caliber: .22 Magnum
Capacity: 5
Length: 5.13″
Height: 2.81″
Width: 1.06″
Weight: 6.5 oz.
Barrel Length: 1.63″
Sights: Half-moon Sight
Action: Single Action
Grips: Customer’s Choice of Grip
Material: Carbon Steel Frame