Companion Cap & Ball – 1 1/8” Barrel

  • .22 Caliber / #11 Percussion
  • 5-Shot Capacity
  • Includes Additional Kit Items

All cap & balls are currently backordered up to a 1 year.  Additionally, due to recent shortages we cannot add more than 1 additional cylinder. We ask that you have all items ordered at the time the order is placed.


Each revolver package includes:

  • 50 – 30 gr lead bullets
  • Powder charge measure (yellow scoop)
  • Bullet seater
  • 5 bullet nipples (installed in cylinder)
  • Allen wrench for bullet nipples

The Kits contain all the items listed plus the following additional items:

  • 250 – 30 gr lead bullets
  • Leather bullet pouch
  • Replica Civil War era flap holster
  • Extra cylinder w/bullet nipples installed

The NAA Companion is available for sale without going through an FFL Dealer in the United States because it is a black powder firearm. However, you will need to fill out and send us the Cap and Ball Waiver Form.  If your residence is in: District of Columbia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, or Washington.

Due to the restrictions, we cannot sell the Cap & Balls on line, please call in to order.   

The Companion is compatible with the grips, holsters and other accessories for the NAA .22 LR Mini-Revolver. The Super Companion is compatible with the grips, holsters and other accessories for the NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver. Both models use .22 Caliber Cap & Ball bullets, available from NAA (see below).

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*Note: Black powder or Pyrodex, #11 Percussion Caps and bullet grease can not be purchased from North American Arms. Please purchase these items from your local firearms dealer.

Caliber: .22 Caliber / #11 Percussion
Capacity: 5
Length: 4″
Height: 2.38″
Width: 0.88″
Weight: 5 oz.
Barrel Length: 1.13″
Sights: Half-moon Sight
Action: Single Action
Grips: Rosewood Bird’s Head