NAA Firearms can be purchased nationwide at most sporting goods stores. See the lists below to find Distributors or Dealers in your area.

If you already own a NAA firearm, we sell a lot of different accessories such as grips, holsters, etc.  You should check out our Accessories page.  You can custom design and make your gun the way you want it to look, feel and carry.

North American Arms sells firearms through Distributors located in the United States and Internationally. Your local firearms dealer can order one of our firearms through a distributor in their area. In the United States, your dealer must have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to order firearms.

US Distributors are listed by State. International distributors are listed below by Country.


North American Arms Distributors in the United States – by State
State Distributor Name City Phone Number
Alabama Iron Valley Supply Birmingham 800.226.4377
Alabama Hicks, Inc. Luverne 800.663.5634
Arizona Davidson’s Prescott 800.367.4867
Florida R.S.R. Management Corp. Winter Park 800.541.4867
Illinois Zander’s Sporting Goods Baldwin 800.851.4373
Indiana MGE Wholesale South Bend 800.734.5965
Indiana Orion Wholesale Jeffersonville 888.543.7537
Indiana Riley’s, Inc. Avilla 800.348.2494
Iowa Crow Shooting Supply Montezuma 800.264.2493
Louisiana Lipsey’s, Inc. Baton Rouge 225.755.1333
Louisiana Sports South, Inc. Shreveport 800.388.3848
Massachusetts Camfour, Inc. Westfield 413.564.2300
Minnesota Bill Hicks & Co, Minneapolis 800.223.0702
 Nevada MSR Distribution Company Las Vegas 702.215.3606
New York AmChar Wholesale, Inc. Rochester 800.333.0695
North Carolina Big Rock Sports Graham 800.334.2661
Pennsylvania Kinsey’s Inc Mount Joy 800.366.4269
Tennessee Chattanooga Shooting Supplies Chattanooga 423-894-3007
Washington Gunarama Spokane 800.333.3006


North American Arms International Distributors – by Country 
Country Distributor Name  Phone Number
Canada Big Rock Canada 613-656-2085
Canada North Sylva 613-656-2085
Czech Republic Kozap 420-633-632220
Italy Bignami S.P.A. 39-471-810644
South Africa Harold Drinn (Pty) Ltd. 27-31-3011325
Switzerland Grunig & Elmiger A. G. 41-41-4999040

Below are a list of several of our Distributors. Please be aware that these are specific distributors that Firearm Dealers work with and do not necessarily carry North American Arms’ Firearms.  You may always contact your local FFL dealer to place an order for any of the NAA firearms.

A comprehensive list of our U.S. distributors can be found on our Sales & Marketing page.

Ace Sporting Goods, Inc. – Specializing in new and used firearms since 1947.

Garners Huntin’ and Fishin’ Outdoors

Grady’s Great Outdoors

Mark’s Outdoor Sports 

Kittery Trading Post

North American Arms, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a new sales program directed at the law enforcement community. This program enables federal, state and local law enforcement officers, regulatory agents and other similarly exempt individuals (as defined by 27 CFR 178.141) to purchase, directly from the factory, NAA Products at a substantial discount to the published suggested retail price.

To Qualify:

  • The NAA Law Enforcement Order Form must be reproduced on the official letterhead of the buyer’s agency and signed by an individual in authority, preferably Lieutenant (or equivalent) or higher, stating that the weapon(s) are to be used in the buyer’s official duties.

  • Orders of five or more guns, which are submitted on a departmental purchase order, will enjoy net 30 credit, all others will be prepaid by check, money order or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Purchase Pricing:

1-4 Guns

Published Dealer Price
Prepaid by Indvidual
**Shipping for one gun: $15. 2-4 guns: $7.50 each (all guns will be shipped together)

5-9 Guns

*Distributor plus 5%
Net 30 with Departmental Purchase Order or Prepaid by Individual
**Shipping $5 each gun (All guns will be shipped together).

10+ Guns

*Distributor Price
2/10 N/30 with Departmental Purchase Order or Prepaid by Individual
**Shipping Prepaid (FREE, All guns will be shipped together).
Re-orders of less than 10 guns will be required to pay for shipping.

*Distributor pricing is not released to the public and is only available upon request.

**All Firearm must be shipped to the department address listed on the letterhead or to a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer. All Firearms will be shipped FedEx Priority Overnight and will require an adult signature. Average delivery time is two weeks. NAA will not ship firearms to the state of Massachusetts.

A limited number of samples will be made available for a two week departmental examination and trial period. These pieces, as well as those ordered, will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Custom Serialization:

Custom serialization is available with each firearm ordered. The customer is invited to compose his or her special combination (e.g., badge number, birth date, name or handle, etc.). The Mini-Revolvers’ custom serial numbers are limited to 8 (upper-case only) alpha-numeric characters (limit of 5 on NAA-22S). The Guardian custom serial number is limited to up to 10 (upper-case only) alpha-numeric characters. (BATFE has determined that a serial number must contain at least one numeric character. A series of alpha characters alone, does not meet the requirements of 18 U.S.C. ‘ 923 (I) or 27 CFR ‘ 178.92 (a) (1).) An average of six weeks added delivery time for Mini-Revolver custom serial numbers and eight weeks added delivery time for Guardian custom serial numbers. Refunds or replacements are not available with custom serial numbers.

Cost of Custom Serialization
Model 1 Gun 2-9 Guns 10-15 Guns 16-24 Guns 25+ Guns
Guardian Pistols $175.00 $150.00 $100.00 $50.00 FREE
Mini-Revolvers $150.00 $125.00 $75.00 $25.00 FREE

NAA Law Enforcement Order Form:

The NAA Law Enforcement Order Form is in an Adobe PDF file and requires Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to view. This form is to be re-printed on departmental letterhead and signed by the head of the department – ranking Lieutenant (equivalent) or higher. The original signed letter must be mailed to NAA before the order can be processed. The firearms will be shipped to the department address listed on the letterhead only. If the letterhead does not state the department address, appropriate documentation must be supplied prior to shipping. It is recommended that a separate document accompany this letterhead listing the requested model numbers and any custom serialization. NAA will not ship firearms to the state of Massachusetts.)

Click here to open the NAA Law Enforcement Order Form


Given the high quality of NAA’s firearms, it’s no surprise that many people use our guns as the basis for their artistic expression.

Here are some interesting examples

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