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2013 Sandy's Soapbox January 2013 January Soapbox - Gun Control I call your attention to today's editorial written by Jim Shepherd (editor/publisher of The Outdoor Wire) regarding the national "discussion" we can look forward to having regarding gun control. You can be certain that the debate will be protracted, contentious and emotional - not [...]


North American Arms makes firearms of the highest quality and workmanship.  So, it’s no surprise that many people use our firearms as a base for their creativity.  The creative examples on this page blur the distinction between firearm and work of art.  If you decide to use one of our firearms as a base for your creativity, please […]


FAQ - General Why has the wallet holster been discontinued? The wallet, in and of itself, is a benign piece of folded leather. The minirevolver is a time-tested, high-quality small firearm but, when you join one with the other, watch out! _ you've just created what ATF defines as 'any other weapon', a rather nefarious [...]