September 2017 – Update on the Ranger II

Our preparation for the launch of this product reminds me of the joke whose punchline is “Stand back, Eve, I have no idea how big this thing’s going to get!”

Our anecdotal experience over the past couple of years at trade shows and the like (including the recent NRA-produced CarryGuard Expo in Milwaukee) suggests to me that there is some familiarity with our efforts  to reintroduce this product.  I’ve seen/heard of a great sense of anticipation (at least amongst our friends in our Message Board community).  Resale prices for Ranger I would suggest that the demand will be strong.  Only time will tell how the product is received and whether or not it will have legs beyond the initial surge.  Assuming we can meet our admittedly premium price point (<$500), I believe this could become the flagship of our product line.

As earlier indicated, we will offer an Early Bird purchase opportunity for Friends of the Factory only, which will be defined as registered members of our Message Board community; simply becoming aware of the program and indicating your interest (on a specific sales order page we will create on our website) will not secure you a place in the line, which will be roughly ordered according to the number of posts you’ve made on our MB.  I expect that the ordering window will be open for 30 days.  While we have not yet determined the size of the allocation for the EB window, I expect it will approximate a couple/few hundred pieces.

During the EB program, output will be divided between EB participants and our best distributor partners.  I expect the early production rate will be maddeningly slow and the time for us to fulfill accepted EB orders could stretch several months.  When we receive all of the info we will require, including payment info. and the FFL of the receiving dealer, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance.  All accepted orders will receive a Ranger II.  As more details become available, we will share them.

To confirm: the Ranger II will be fitted with a magnum cylinder.  A second cylinder chambered in LR will be available for the EB and thereafter.  I expect that virtually all grips designed for the magnum frame will fit this model.  Different barrel lengths will be offered (including a 4” model for our friends in CA) but only the short barrel will be available for the EB.

-Sandy Chisholm


  1. Ranger 2, as to the fit of grips fitting the Ranger 2, the laser grip has the laser on the side of the gun as is the unlocking lever, this grip won’t fit until the manufacturer makes a reverse grip available? As to your selection of those possible of securing a EB version, a much earlier SF issue said that the process would be like the earlier EB processes, and this one is not even close! I’m a retired Federal Law Officer, have 6+NA guns, have checked your forum for the last 15 months, (wouldn’t leave the house without your Guardian engraved 380) anxiously awaiting this time, Wife has given me an advanced 2017 Christmas gift knowing that this is coming, read your forum often, not posting, missed that last EB on Ranger1, and I don’t have a chance of getting a Ranger 2 EB! You did indicate that “best distributor partners” bdp, being involved, how can I secure a position on the EB list using this process thru your bdp? HELP!

  2. Sandy- I’m sadden to hear that EB on the Ranger II will be limited to Message Board Poster’s. I have been a long time collector with over 20 NA minis and don’t have time or the desire to post on the MB. I guess I will need to find something else to collect. Brad

  3. Dear Mr. Chisholm,
    I am a firearm enthusiast and own 4 NAA revolvers, a .22 short, a .22 LR, a Sidewinder .22 magnum and a Sidewinder with both cylinders. I have been following the NAA MB the last few years but usually do not have any information to add to a post or do not know an answer. I am most disappointed that the ability to order an EB Ranger 2 revolver is predicated on how many posts one makes on the MB. I do not think this is fair to all your loyal customers. If this is the fair way you believe to do business even with people who have been loyal customers of NAA, I do not know if I can support you and your company any longer. I hope you will consider other options for your supporters to order a pistol other than number of message posts. Thanks.

  4. SANDY,


  5. This is awesome. I’m so excited for this. Will EB orders be limited to one per customer? I’d love to get a pair with sequential serial numbers. Do you think you will offer those opportunities during EB, or would one need to wait for full production?

  6. Sandy,
    Thanks again for the update!
    I would hope you would consider me to be a ‘Friend of the Factory’ and allow me to be on the EB list. I did get my EB Sidewinder, thank you.
    Years back when I was lamenting the Ranger’s demise you quietly suggested I not give up hope, that it was also dear to you. I have been keeping that candle lit ever since.
    Thank you for persevering and finding a way forward.

  7. Glad to hear you’re getting it out! It looks like an excellent product. I’m still hoping to be one of the early buyers.

  8. This all sounds good. However, some of us have been checking the Soapbox and leaving comments here for a long time. I’m not seeing my comments or early request to be in on the early release when I search.
    It made more sense to me at the time to not fill other space with superfluous text when Sandy was talking here and requesting comments here. I hope the soapbox comments count.

    Thanks, Ole

  9. Mr. Chisholm,
    I would appreciate an explanation as to why the number of posts on a message board make you a more valued customer than the rest of us who purchase and use your firearms?
    Thank you.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this gun for so long…. ever since I chickened out on the first Ranger and regretted it ever since. What do I have to do??? I will send payment info and FFL. PLEASE add my name to your list –> Jason Vitosky (MB name is “stungun”).

  11. A “Job Well Done” & several “Attaboys” to Sandy & Crew for getting this thing from the drawing board to the glass display cases !
    Too bad though … that some of your biggest fans ….. that don’t post much on the JibberJabber board … will be “Looked Over” on the Early Bird purchase.
    Wishing you guys the best of luck on this endeavor !

  12. Mr. Chisholm,
    I send a lot of my free time in my friend’s gun shop (Gunslingers, Kingsport, TN) where I have been actively endorsing North American Arms mini revolvers to customers and all of my friends for years. I have bought them for my father, both of my daughters and now for each of my grandchildren. I currently own 29 NAA mini revolvers of my own including the Ranger, the Sidewinder (EB) and received a gold plated mini on my 50th birthday from my wife (all bought new). I am a registered member of the message board (Papaw Jay) and I would think “in my opinion” that I am a “friend of the factory” but according to the information on the September Soapbox unless I have posted to the message board in high numbers, I may not be a friend of the factory. I have not and do not (until tonight) posted any message to any message board. If this is your loyalty to returning customers, what should my loyalty be to NAA and why should I ever consider recommending you company or guns to anyone or buying another for myself?

  13. With this news I hope I find my name on the list. I have been on the forum for some time and want a early bird ranger to go with my eb069 sidewinder. I did not get a email that had been talked about on the forum and would like to send it now.

  14. Sandy,
    If I don’t receive the chance to purchase a Ranger II, I will not be able to sleep at night. How do I “check all the boxes, cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s” to make sure that this opportunity will be mine?


  15. I am ready to give you my money as soon as you are ready to give me a pistol. I do not have many posts on the message boards so I know that I will have to be patient. Just say the word.

  16. Like most, I have been a North American arms customer for many years, I currently have 11 NAA Revolvers and think they are the very best. I have followed the development of the Ranger II since it was first mentioned. I am A Viet Nam Veteran who loves these Mini Revolvers, and would be honored to be among the first to own one. Keep up the fine work there, and all the best in the forth coming release of this fine looking Revolver, I’m sure it will be the talk of the firearms industry and a outstanding seller.

  17. The Ranger II will be a good fit in more than one firearm category that I collect, break action, 22 mag and NAA.
    I added a sling swivel stud to the butt of my NAA 22 short. It is flush with the front of the butt giving me that extra bit of length to hold on to when I shoot the “stout loads”. Having a lanyard is a nice option as I carry the piece in my watch fob pocket.

  18. Thanks so much for all the effort everyone has put into this product development. As an old top break aficionado, and understanding the problems associated with the design, it is refreshing to see a new one come to market. Based on the outstanding quality and attention to details your company is known for assures me this will be another top notch product. So I guess I better get in line to get a couple to add to my collection. Thanks again.

  19. Ha! We knew you’d come thru, and are looking forward to it, Sandy! Even if it’s after Christmas, that’s fine. I’ll wait as long as it takes. And price-wise, the last time I checked, the “way cool” factor didn’t have a price.

  20. Can not wait for the Break Top , glad to see it will be offered in combo , I live i WA. state , hope it will be released ASAP , only Break Top , being sold in 22 cal . I have the Mini Master combo , great product !!!!!!!

  21. I absolutely love my Mini Master , can not wait for the the Ranger !! , The first Ranger release , I missed , have been waiting ever since . to own one , NAA makes great guns , can not wait !!!!!!!!

  22. I hope I have a chance to own a Ranger ll , in the first product release , I prefer the combo package if possible , or 22 lr , thanks for the chance to own , in the first run !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Thanks Sandy,

    We’re all really looking forward to the Ranger II. Your products are exceptional. This has been a long time in coming but well worth the wait. Stay safe.

  24. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive —, wait that’s Superman but that’s OK I’ll settle for a Ranger II!!!!

  25. My god how is love to get my hands on one of these!! I recently turned 21 and finally legally purchased my first 22 short revolver of yours! Wish I would be know about the forum in my younger years to secure my spot on this list!! I’ve been dreaming about a break top ranger for at least 3 years now haha but they’re horribly expensive now! Just joined the forum yesterday! Looking to find one of those awesome bayonet for my collection! What your doing is awesome for the die hard customers too cool! Thanks so much! And from a young collector I can’t wait to own a full collection of your firearms as large as my ruger collection!

  26. Can’t wait! I know I probably won’t be in the EB but I’ve been checking the soapbox for almost well over a year looking and hoping for progress on the Ranger 2.

  27. Looking forward to when this is available. Have 2 standards already in 22LR and 22 Mag. Always been a fan of all the break top pistols.

  28. I missed the first time the Ranger was in production but I surely won’t miss a second time. I’ve been collecting mini revolvers and I can’t wait to get this one. I continue to read your updates so I can know the progress.