May 2017 – Back From “15 Acres of Guns & Gear”

We’ve recently returned from the NRA Show in Atlanta where we had the opportunity to show our stuff and visit with friends, old and new.  This is the only “retail” show we attend (as compared to SHOT, a “trade” show) and the feedback we get is both important and valued.  Fortunately, most of it is positive but there’s enough otherwise to remind us that there’s always more we can do (even if some of it seems somewhat “unreasonable” – Why don’t you chamber the Pug in .45ACP?).

Anyway, would you believe me if I told you the nobody asked about the break-top/Ranger II?  Didn’t think so.  I apologize for appearing rude with tardy posts of this Soapbox.  I appreciate your patience and hope to be able to discuss our efforts/progress on this front in more depth next month.


  1. Nice post!
    I love my Black Powder .22 magnum NAA, being far more accurate than if it were .45ACP!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I was going to ask about the break-top/Ranger II…
    When are you expecting to go into production?
    When are the first models going to be available?
    Will I be able to order directly from NAA, or will I need to go through a dealer?
    How long will the barrel be?
    Will there be different barrel length options?
    Will it come in a 22LR/22WMR conversion, with both cylinders?
    Thanks in advance, and have a great summer.

  3. I haven’t seen the Soapbox being tardy.
    Jan was posted in Jan.
    Feb was posted in Feb.
    It is not the “May First” Soapbox.

  4. Sandy,

    How about updating the ballistic tables?

    Include the Earl Models in all barrel lengths.

    Also, including ballistic gel would be a real plus

  5. Nobody has heard of ranger ii. If u would tell us about it there would be much anticipation.

  6. Sandy
    I am a big fan of NAA. I have only 14 mini revolvers and 3 autos so i still have room for more. And yes i am one of those guys that really needs a Ranger ll.
    Keep up the great work and we will keep buying them.

  7. Too many excuses for far too long. Too many times this is all you talk about.

    My Father and Drill Sergeant both used to say “put up or shut up”. This certainly applies to the Ranger II and the current North American Arms marketing efforts!

    I’m GONE.