March Soapbox – Some Answers to your Questions

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Breaktop barrel lengths: I believe we’re still on track to begin delivery of the 2.5” models in early April and will then work on the 4” models.

I believe that the polished/blued and case hardened guns are the highlight of our product line and are an extraordinary value, considering the additional time and effort required for their manufacture.  Because we use different materials for these (carbon steel), I don’t expect to offer these finishes on other models.

I’ll admit that I don’t have much enthusiasm for the challenge coin idea.

The Guardian accessories and custom shop options are on the website  I don’t anticipate any new additions.

Our coating vendor is Richter Precision  Both coatings are done by Physical Vapor Deposition and while they are very durable (the vendor quotes Micro-Harness > 80 Rc), they canbe scarred.  As for all firearms, they should be handled “thoughtfully”.


Something super secret to raise your eyebrows?  Not from me!




  1. A “super secret something” from you guys? Your bringing it up makes me think there just might be…….?

    No mention of the .22 Guardian, so I’ll just keep wondering on that…….

  2. Why don’t you start producing a Guardian 25 acp? You can use the same frame and slide and internal parts like Seecamp does. I think there are a lot of people moving back to these smaller calibers. I would of bought a Guardian 25 if you made one because the Guardian fits the hand better and the operation of the gun is easier than other small guns.

  3. I would like to see the company make a.32 long version of the Ranger , it would almost be a modern version of the S&W mod.1.5 or 1878 .

  4. I would love to see a 4″ model of the Ranger… Just don’t want to wait another year 🙁 what about an option to add better sights on the longer models? I think that would be nice like the mini master but break over action.