North American Arms makes firearms of the highest quality and workmanship.  So, it’s no surprise that many people use our firearms as a base for their creativity.  The creative examples on this page blur the distinction between firearm and work of art.  If you decide to use one of our firearms as a base for your creativity, please send us a photo & details and we’ll post it here.

Note: While the information on pricing, etc. was current when we received it, prices and other details may have changed since then.



These Engraved Guardian 380’s show the beautiful workmanship of Artist:
Otto Carter, Abilene, Texas 325-529-3941
To see more examples of his work go to

Gold-Plated Mini with Platinum Grips

The gun has a platinum grip base with 200 full cut diamonds and four Rubies as the snake’s eyes.

For more information email:

This gorgeous knife & gun set is being offered by Lone Wolf Knives and Native American artist Ron Yellowhorse to commemorate the Native American “Ceremonial” traditions. The belt buckle can be purchased separately.Gun, knife and belt buckle created by Ron Yellowhorse for Lone Wolf Knives.









Well-known Navajo artist Ron Yellowhorse has customized many mini-revolvers to create some very impressive pieces using Jasper, Turquise, Silver and other precious and semi-precious materials.

Click on the picture or click here to view these beautiful guns.

Please email: Ron Yellowhorse for more information.









Just in time for Halloween, we received these very nice pictures of an engraved Black Widow.

The Black Widows on either side of the cylinder offer a nice touch.

Unfortuntely, the artist has more work than time right now and has asked us not post his contact information

Silver and Turquoise Mini-Revolver Belt BuckleThe belt buckle features beautiful silver workmanship with turquoise accents. The gun shown here is our NAA-22LR.

Contact Dennis Chavez via mail for more information.

Dennis Chavez
2126 Giraudo SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105

Hand made grips and filing known as texturing by Navajo Artist Ron Yellowhorse.

I follow the Yellowhorse tradition after my father, using Turquoise, Red Jasper, Desert Ironwood, etc. as Channel Inlay. I can personalize your guns with a Native American Theme, a company logo, or your own personal design.

Contact me at or call 928-688-3192 for more information.

Defend yourself in style with a designer handgun from Bijan of Beverly Hills.

Fashioned from 18-carat gold and studded with diamonds, this .22 caliber revolver is for people with a lot to protect.

Listed Cost: $98,000

The base gun is an NAA 22 Long Rifle, 1 1/8″ Barrel

Colors Cover

Engraved Mini-Revolvers

Baron Technology, Inc engraved this set of NAA Mini-Revolvers, featured on the cover of Guns Illustrated.

BTI does a great deal of engraving and gold inlay on firearms and cutlery.

For more information, please email them at:

Kendall Smith Sterling Silver Grips

These grips are hand made and engraved originals made of Sterling Silver.

The cost is $225.00/set

For more information, please email:

Silver Grips


Cubic Zirconium Grips

Inspired by the $98,000 diamond grips done by Bijan of Beverly Hills (see above), another manufacturer created an affordable version using cubic circonia, mounted on sterling silver palladium alloy grips.

No contact information is available at this time