February 2017 – Welcome, Everyone.

Last month during the 2017 SHOT Show we had the pleasure of attending the annual National Shooting Sports Foundation State of the Industry Dinner.  This event is an evening where leaders of the industry discuss the business and political outlook of our industry.  The keynote of the evening is the SHOT Show State of the Industry Address given by Steve Sanetti, President and CEO of the NSSF (video shared below).  While the address focused on the recent victory for gun rights in November, a call to be vigilant in the future against gun grabbers at all levels of government, and highlighting the successes of the NSSF through its various community, regulatory, and politically oriented initiatives; one thing stood out to me the most: a message of unity, inclusion, and that rights transcends party politics.

“We hope that the parade of newcomers to the lawful and responsible enjoyment of hunting and the shooting sports will continue as it has for the past eight years,” Sanetti said during the address. “We welcome the widest possible inclusion of all American citizens of all races, nationalities, and orientations regardless of whether they live in the city, suburbs, or countryside to come and join our ranks. And we hope that all of you will help encourage and welcome these newcomers, for they too are faces of America’s future.”

Mr. Sanetti’s words stand at the beginning of a very deep philosophical truth.  Rights exist to protect the minority from the majority.  A natural right must protect so little as the smallest minority (a single person), otherwise it is no right at all.  The Second Amendment (along with all our other rights) belongs to all law-abiding citizens of this country.  There is a broad and diverse country out there and we, even as a group of seemingly divided citizens, can find at least one commonality: we ALL have the unalienable right to defend ourselves and others as we see fit both inside our homes and out.  This right doesn’t belong to one group, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or orientation.

North American Arms has worked hard to provide products that meet the needs of the broadest and most diverse customer base in the world: convenient, reliable, and effective firearms for recreation and personal protection.  For use on trap lines, hiking trails, while jogging, running errands, personal protection, everyday carry, and law enforcement; our product meets the needs of anyone.

NAA welcomes and encourages the incoming members to the lawful and responsible enjoyment of hunting and the shooting sports from all walks of life.  We especially welcome those whose need for the Second Amendment is more urgent than our own.  We encourage you to reach out to our factory with any questions you may have about your needs regarding our product or even further involvement in the activities of the industry.  We look forward to an amazing 2017.  Thank you for all your support and business.

Kenny Barlow
Sales & Marketing Manager
North American Arms

January 2017 – Late…again.

Sorry for the late entry.  Another failed resolution … already.

The future for NAA, and most of the firearms industry/community – both manufacturers as well as consumers – looks very different than the one we’ve been anticipating for the last year+. The operating environment that we can now look forward to is considerably more agreeable than the one we’d been preparing for. The threat of adverse legislation, at least on a federal basis, has been removed. No repeal of the Lawful Arms in Commerce Act. No other of a litany of ineffective and ill-intended laws, restrictions, regulations. No immediate prospect of a Supreme Court review of the 2nd Amendment, for example. Instead, we saw just today the introduction of legislation intended to enable national reciprocity for concealed carry, efforts to remove suppressors from the NFA list, expansion of hunting areas and hunters’ rights, limits to the assault on lead, etc. etc. The future would appear to be bright at the expense of the frenzied, fear-driven consumption at the retail level.

I continue to feel bullish about the future of NAA. While I recognize that we’re not the most innovative company, we still may have a trick or two up our sleeve. Regardless, I know that we make our product better every year and we will continue to invest in resources, processes and procedures, the effect of which is to make cost-effective improvements in quality.

I hope those of you able to attend SHOT in Las Vegas later this month will stop by and say “hello” (BOOTH #15124).  I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Happy New Year.

December 2016 – Election Results, Holiday Wishes, and a little Ranger II

I’d be willing to wager that I’m more tired of having to deflect/defer your interest in the continuing saga of the development of The Ranger II, than you are to be on the receiving end.  I will tell you only that we continue to make progress.  I will not speculate on the timing of such an introduction if, in fact, it ever occurs.  I have heard loudly and clearly the disappointment that many have felt when companies (including NAA, inadvertently) make premature new product announcements; we are determined not to do so.

In a different vein, I feel certain that most are happy that the recent election cycle has blissfully come to an end.  I would venture that many in the NAA audience are as pleased with the outcome as they are surprised.  While the conventional wisdom has it that sales may soften somewhat, the future for the consumer has never appeared brighter (which is a mixed blessing for our friends at the NRA).  Not only do we anticipate no new anti-gun initiatives/regulations and a decrease in anti-gun rhetoric, I think it’s likely that some new common-sense pro-gun legislation may see the light of day, to include nationwide concealed carry reciprocity.  I think we have a lot to look forward to.

I and the NAA family extend to you and your families all the cheer and blessings of the holiday season and best wishes that the new year will be the best one ever.  Thank you for your business and your support.

October 2016 – Election and The Ranger II

No luck fishing.  I must be using the wrong bait.

I doubt anyone has any interest in hearing any more about the upcoming election, particularly from me.  Never has our country suffered such a crisis in leadership, with the possible exception of Nixon’s Watergate scandal.  Despite his protestations, he really was a crook, but none of his flaws/misdeeds as seriously and likely harmfully impacted the management of our economy, our foreign policy, our judiciary, etc. as do either of the two major candidates.  Each is similarly “deplorable”, but for different reasons.  I’m sick about our choice and our future.

Yes, work continues on Ranger II.  I might start saving.

July 2016 – Rights, Elections, and GO SHOOTING.

This month we celebrate America’s 240th Independence Day, the date of the signing and ratification of America’s Declaration of Independence from the British Empire.  This beautiful document, drafted by the “Committee of Five” (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston), espoused our natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness free from molestation by others (especially our own government).

America has changed as a country in that 240 years and certainly not without the great costs to life, liberty, and property.  We have morphed from the agrarian and trading port colony under control of a tiny island on the other side of the Atlantic to one of the freest nations on the planet.  Now, again in the wake of several tragedies here on our own soil perpetrated against our own fellow citizens in San Bernardino and Orlando we find ourselves in another fight in the “gun debate”.

Once again, the very right to self-defense is under threat.  Every Presidential election comes with the rhetoric that this is the most important election.  Unfortunately for our industry, the shooting sports as a whole, and the right to defend ourselves inside and outside our homes, this election may be it.  The chief concerns of the result in November are:

  1. The decision of who gets to nominate the replacement for Justice Scalia (and possibly Justice Thomas’ seat with the rumors of an impending retirement circulating).
  2. The threat of a repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.  The PLCAA is the law protecting Gun Manufacturers from being sued because of the improper/illegal use of our products. Currently one candidate for President is vowing to work to repeal this.

It is imperative that we not only exercise our own ability to vote, but encourage others to do so.  Additionally, getting involved at various levels of advocacy are a must as well.  Make sure to renew your NRA membership, donate to the National Shooting Sports Foundation PAC, but most importantly: TAKE SOMEONE SHOOTING.  If you know someone who sits on the fence with regard to gun rights don’t wait for a mass-shooting and the subsequent anti-gun blog posts in the wake of the tragedy to make up their mind for them.  Help normalize guns.  Teach them the nomenclature.  Show them safe handling, carrying, and storage.  Be inclusive of EVERYONE who could benefit from the 2nd Amendment because ultimately that is EVERYONE.

Have a restful and safe July 4th and as always thank you for your business, loyalty, and support.

Kenny Barlow
Sales & Marketing Manager.