The Curious, Custom and Collectible Shop is an opportunity for you to purchase – factory direct* – a variety of unique &/or unusual firearms manufactured by North American Arms. These firearms will fall into three general categories

Design Your Own
Limited Production
Distributor Specials

Design Your Own, as the name suggests, is your choice of a combination of machining services and accessories (including custom serial numbers) from those identified as available on our website/in our catalog.

Limited Production are those pieces made “on speculation” by the factory for the benefit of retail customers looking for something extraordinary. Examples of these include the currently available Golden Eye series of highly polished and 24 karat gold plated minirevolvers, and the lightly engraved Guardians with polished appointments and custom shop. These are typically made in much smaller batches (typically 10 ea.) and so are even “more collectible” that the LE pieces (below). If there appears to be an audience for any given series of LP pieces, the factory may manufacture another small batch at its discretion. These pieces are not handled by our distributors but will be offered to any FFL (with an appropriate discount) who purchases two or more pieces. Custom serial numbers are not available on Limited Production guns.

Limited Production is not to be confused with Limited Editions, which are those highly embellished (and typically thematic) pieces specified by a particular customer who commissions and commits to purchase a lot (typically 500 pieces) in its entirety. When this lot is completed, no more pieces like it will be manufactured. Existing pieces may become available on the resale market. These pieces are never available on a retail or dealer basis direct from the factory. Examples include Viuda Negra and Snake Eyes which were commissioned by the network of TALO distributors.

Distributor Specials are “slightly” customized editions of our ordinary product line. These “exclusives” typically include special grip and/or accessory combinations. Because a distributor has made a purchase commitment for a given number of pieces, we commit to offering him something “different” from the ordinary which is available through him alone. There frequently is also a pricing benefit given the distributor/dealer/customer as compared to creating the same piece from the misc. components. While you can purchase these Specials direct from the factory, we will strongly advise you to have your dealer purchase the piece through the identified distributor, as the direct to retail price will be significantly higher.
* Direct from the factory sales are, obviously, not “direct” per se. Federal law requires that all retail purchases of firearms be conducted through a licensed dealer (FFL) (gun show loophole notwithstanding).

In ordinary instances, the dealer uses his capital to purchase inventory and then records the transaction and effects a background check on the sale. The expense of transactions involving guns which the dealer has purchased, either new through a distributor, directly from a factory or on the resale market, is typically covered by the margin between his “buy” price and his “sell” price.
In those instances like the NAA Curious, Custom and Collectible sales, where the FFL is simply an administrative conduit to record the sale, it is reasonable and customary for the dealer to charge a fee to help defray some business expenses, as he is getting no margin on the sale. The size of this fee is entirely discretionary on the part of the dealer. As a courtesy for all CCC “direct” factory sales, NAA includes a check for $20 made payable to the dealer identified on the FFL which must accompany any order. This $20 is included in the retail price of the gun.

Shipping. The expense of shipping handguns, particularly in small quantities, is as aggravating to this factory as it is to its customers. Federal law allows shipments between licensees (e.g. from factory to dealer) to be made through the US Postal Service. Because all CCC shipments go directly to an FFL, this option is available to the retail customer at a substantial savings (cost of USPS is $10 per package); the choice is yours. Because the common carriers (UPS, FedEx) and NOT the federal government, require handgun shipments be made on a priority/overnight basis, the cost of this method is $25 per package. We think that stinks, and if any customer has a private account to which we can charge the freight, we’ll be happy to do so and waive our charge.