December 2016 – Election Results, Holiday Wishes, and a little Ranger II

I’d be willing to wager that I’m more tired of having to deflect/defer your interest in the continuing saga of the development of The Ranger II, than you are to be on the receiving end.  I will tell you only that we continue to make progress.  I will not speculate on the timing of such an introduction if, in fact, it ever occurs.  I have heard loudly and clearly the disappointment that many have felt when companies (including NAA, inadvertently) make premature new product announcements; we are determined not to do so.

In a different vein, I feel certain that most are happy that the recent election cycle has blissfully come to an end.  I would venture that many in the NAA audience are as pleased with the outcome as they are surprised.  While the conventional wisdom has it that sales may soften somewhat, the future for the consumer has never appeared brighter (which is a mixed blessing for our friends at the NRA).  Not only do we anticipate no new anti-gun initiatives/regulations and a decrease in anti-gun rhetoric, I think it’s likely that some new common-sense pro-gun legislation may see the light of day, to include nationwide concealed carry reciprocity.  I think we have a lot to look forward to.

I and the NAA family extend to you and your families all the cheer and blessings of the holiday season and best wishes that the new year will be the best one ever.  Thank you for your business and your support.

October 2016 – Election and The Ranger II

No luck fishing.  I must be using the wrong bait.

I doubt anyone has any interest in hearing any more about the upcoming election, particularly from me.  Never has our country suffered such a crisis in leadership, with the possible exception of Nixon’s Watergate scandal.  Despite his protestations, he really was a crook, but none of his flaws/misdeeds as seriously and likely harmfully impacted the management of our economy, our foreign policy, our judiciary, etc. as do either of the two major candidates.  Each is similarly “deplorable”, but for different reasons.  I’m sick about our choice and our future.

Yes, work continues on Ranger II.  I might start saving.

July 2016 – Rights, Elections, and GO SHOOTING.

This month we celebrate America’s 240th Independence Day, the date of the signing and ratification of America’s Declaration of Independence from the British Empire.  This beautiful document, drafted by the “Committee of Five” (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston), espoused our natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness free from molestation by others (especially our own government).

America has changed as a country in that 240 years and certainly not without the great costs to life, liberty, and property.  We have morphed from the agrarian and trading port colony under control of a tiny island on the other side of the Atlantic to one of the freest nations on the planet.  Now, again in the wake of several tragedies here on our own soil perpetrated against our own fellow citizens in San Bernardino and Orlando we find ourselves in another fight in the “gun debate”.

Once again, the very right to self-defense is under threat.  Every Presidential election comes with the rhetoric that this is the most important election.  Unfortunately for our industry, the shooting sports as a whole, and the right to defend ourselves inside and outside our homes, this election may be it.  The chief concerns of the result in November are:

  1. The decision of who gets to nominate the replacement for Justice Scalia (and possibly Justice Thomas’ seat with the rumors of an impending retirement circulating).
  2. The threat of a repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.  The PLCAA is the law protecting Gun Manufacturers from being sued because of the improper/illegal use of our products. Currently one candidate for President is vowing to work to repeal this.

It is imperative that we not only exercise our own ability to vote, but encourage others to do so.  Additionally, getting involved at various levels of advocacy are a must as well.  Make sure to renew your NRA membership, donate to the National Shooting Sports Foundation PAC, but most importantly: TAKE SOMEONE SHOOTING.  If you know someone who sits on the fence with regard to gun rights don’t wait for a mass-shooting and the subsequent anti-gun blog posts in the wake of the tragedy to make up their mind for them.  Help normalize guns.  Teach them the nomenclature.  Show them safe handling, carrying, and storage.  Be inclusive of EVERYONE who could benefit from the 2nd Amendment because ultimately that is EVERYONE.

Have a restful and safe July 4th and as always thank you for your business, loyalty, and support.

Kenny Barlow
Sales & Marketing Manager.

June 2016 – I Know, Late Again…

I wish I had something specific to report about The Ranger II, but I don’t.  Work on it continues.  We’re in constant contact with potential vendors and we have resources we continue to spend on this project.   I still believe we can make this product happen.

That said, frankly, we‘re more focused on addressing the business we presently have.  We’re appreciative of the opportunity and need to satisfy the customers who are already waiting for our guns.  That’s our priority.

While I’m eager to bring this new product back to the market, we’re not going to lose sight of the need to address current demand – with good guns.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I know that several of you feel teased and are eagerly awaiting this attractive new product and I thought you were due as good an answer as I could give you.  This is it.

It is with the greatest sincerity that I thank our customers for creating these opportunities and challenges.

May 2016 – New Website

It’s almost certain that you’ve noticed that the NAA website has gone through a dramatic overhaul. Based on the few early comments posted on a recently created thread on our Message Board, which is now called “Forum” at the top of the Home page, the reaction has been mixed – as we anticipated. Some of you are happy with our efforts to “freshen” our presentation, while others are perplexed/disappointed with our having “fixed” something that didn’t appear broken. There’s a lot to be said for the comfort of familiarity, even if the old doesn’t work as well as the new; that describes my feelings much of the time about lots of things, so I’m sympathetic to anyone feeling annoyed.

What originally drove this project was the shopping/ordering architecture, which on our old site was “dated”. I’m told that how we collect data and distribute it throughout the rest of our accounting and order fulfillment systems has improved greatly, as has the security and efficacy of the payment and tracking process.

It’s my initial, casual observation that a lot yet remains to be done. Poor formatting and coding, broken links, etc. riddle the site. Please do us the great favor of identifying any and every mistake you uncover as you wander around and share your observations with my Sales & Marketing Manager, Kenny Barlow ([email protected]), who is managing this project. Please feel invited as well to offer your comments, criticisms and any other feedback you would like to share with the factory. We have a lot to learn and we recognize that, particularly with this new effort, there’s a lot we can do to improve upon it still. We’d appreciate your help.

Fortunately, the Message Board a.k.a. Forum appears to have remained unchanged. F.Y.I., my habits are to review ALL of the posts in the “Products” group EVERY day. Until yesterday when I began to conduct my audit and I was feeling particularly nosey, there were several groups I had never visited, particularly the “Politics and Religion” group – it scares me the carnage and vitriol I might find in there. I was surprised to see several posts in the other categories “addressed” to me. Let me once again make my practice clear: I will not respond to ANY posts in our Forum. Notwithstanding, I will respond to EVERY email that is addressed to me personally [email protected]. I would be very happy to hear from you.

Ranger II? We’re still working on it when we have the time. Admittedly, it’s not our first priority.

For those of you attending the NRA Convention in Louisville the weekend of May 20th, please stop by the NAA booth (5732) and introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

April 2016 – Little to Report on Ranger II

My apologies to those of you who have been waiting for an update on the Ranger II.  I’m told there is little to report, although we have seen some improvement in some of the processes we expect to use during manufacturing.  We continue to move at what many of you will recognize is the historically glacial pace that is NAA Product Development.  I’m hopeful that I’ll have another prototype to pull out of my pocket to show to the NAA community and other informed individuals who might ask to see it at the upcoming NRA Show in Louisville (05/20-22), but am yet unable to offer even a guess about when – if ever – we hope to add the Ranger II to our roster, but we’re trying (and in the meantime trying to catch-up with our ordinary daily manufacturing demands).

Thanks to all of you who care, and thanks particularly to our customers who offer us their trust and the opportunity to try to build our business.

March 2016 – No News to Report on Ranger II

While some of you may be disappointed, while we feel we are making progress (sometimes painfully slowly), we have no news to share about the development of the Ranger II. There are challenges in that program that we still face, and we are trying to find an appropriate balance for our time and resources between new products efforts and addressing the growing backlog for our existing product line. We are as eager as many of you to advance this project and will do so on a timeline and in a fashion that is in the best interests of NAA and, ultimately, our customers.