December 2015 – Ranger II On Track

While we have very little new to report, I though some might appreciate an update regarding the anticipated introduction of Ranger II.

As I indicted in last month’s timeline, we are expecting very shortly (within the next week) to receive “final” preproduction samples of some critical components. Some small tweaks may yet be required, but we’re hoping to release purchase orders for all outside parts before the end of the month. If that’s the case, full production could begin as soon as February. I expect we’ll have a couple of samples in our pockets at SHOT next month in Las Vegas that we will show to interested parties, but would expect that our Grand Introduction will occur at the NRA Show in Louisville in mid-May, by which point we expect there will be a good quantity available on the dealers’ shelves.

We will offer Early Bird opportunities to visitors to this site/Friends of the Factory before we begin general shipments, details of which will be posted when we have firmer dates and a better handle on pricing. I am determined that this product will be available for less $ than the original model – under $500 for a model with one cylinder; that’s the plan.

As always, while it is my practice not to respond to general inquiries posted on our Message Board, I commit to answering any/every email addressed to me personally at [email protected]. I wish you all a Happy Holiday season.

PS – Mini-revolvers make great stocking stuffers!

November 2015 – The Premature Introduction of Ranger II

Well, it appears I’ve been scooped:

New for 2016: North American Arms Ranger II Mini Revolver(Photo by B. Gil Horman for American Rifleman)

At the recent National Assoc. of Sporting Goods Wholesalers trade show in New Orleans, we shared with several people the prototype illustrated in the press piece which started this thread:

Having largely completed most of the re-engineering of this piece earlier this year, it was our hope to present this re-introduction of the Ranger as “in production” by this show.  Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

While it was not my intention that this receive any press attention yet, I was probably foolish thinking it wouldn’t. While I’m happy to create some anticipation, I’d prefer to avoid the missteps which occurred with its precursor.

Our present plan/goal is that we’ll have every component in a production condition next month and begin manufacture in earnest in January; pieces should be in stores in February.  I believe that this schedule is attainable BUT I am painfully aware that “stuff” may yet still happen.

I anticipate we’ll extend an Early Bird offer for this piece. We’ll keep you posted as this project “matures”.

September 2015 – Housekeeping…and A GIVEAWAY!


As the summer wanes and the fall season quickly approaches we wanted to do some housekeeping to our online presence.  You will notice that you are reading this soapbox on our new blog available at  This wont replace our existing website, but will work in concert with it to help us organize our information better.

As you have already observed, clicking “Sandy’s Soapbox” on our home page will bring you directly to the current soapbox on our new blog site. You can also access it by clicking on the “News” link on or by going directly to

The news sub-site will eventually host all Sandy’s Soapboxes, magazine articles, product reviews, and media in a blog format.  This format will make it easier (by leaps and bounds) to create and share content and help us increase our presence in the Everyday Carry market.

Eventually we will make all soapboxes from 2010 to present available with a link to an archive of older ones.  You will notice today that the soapboxes are from 2014 to Present and the reviews are sparse.  This will be an ever-evolving process, which will require your patience.  So pardon our dust while we continue this exciting renovation and expansion.

And now the good stuff!


In exchange for that patience, NAA is pleased to announce our “Pick Your Everyday Carry™ Solution” contest!  We are giving one lucky fan a chance to add anything from the current production list of NAA Products to your Everyday Carry™ arsenal.  To enter go to and submit your information via the secure form.  The winner will be chosen on December 1st and all contest rules, terms, and conditions can be found at

Thanks for your continued support and good luck!

Kenny Barlow
Sales and Marketing Manager

August 2015 – Muslim-free Zones

You may have read recently about the gun store owner who announced his intent to stop serving any customers of the Muslim persuasion (and I wonder how you accurately identify them in the first place?) as a retaliatory action related to the Chattanooga shooting, as well as to a myriad of other extremist incidences of violence. When I first heard it, I was alarmed at the possibility that this man’s moronic reaction might tarnish the greater industry and that an industry-wide response should be made, not expressly to repudiate that individual but instead to draw attention instead to what we’re about/for, which is nondiscriminatory inclusion of the entirety of our customer base. I believe that represents the unequivocal sentiment of most of my peers, but I’m in no position to speak on their behalf. Disappointingly, but perhaps prudently, “industry” felt that “no response” was more appropriate.

I own North American Arms and this Soapbox and do not feel inhibited from unabashedly outlining one of my/our principles: we will not discriminate in our hiring, purchasing or selling against any individual on the basis of any bias to include gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual-orientation, yada, yada, yada. I promise to enthusiastically and respectfully market and sell to any individual lawfully entitled to own a firearm. I need and respect the entirety of my customer base and if that causes people to think less of me or my products, so be it.

Would you like my take on Cecil the Lion? Maybe next month if nothing better comes up.

PS Look for our new 2.5″ Sidewinder. Yes, we have been manufacturing and shipping the 4″ model for the past month!

June 2015 – 4″ Sidewinder


Pictured is our Sidewinder sporting a newly available 4″ barrel (this picture shows our optional, square-butted boot-style grip, while the picture at the foot of the page shows the standard polished bird’s head-style grips). The factory assures me that the first lot of a few dozen (with standard grips) will be ready to leave the factory before the end of the month. I’m not sure that this modification is worth an Early Bird program, and so we’re not planning to offer one.

I’ll admit that it’s priced (MSRP $396) above a price point that I thought we could achieve and/or that the market would find reasonable. The process to manufacture this barrel is different than that for it’s smaller brother and accounts for the almost $50 increase. The market will tell us to what degree this is acceptable.

You’ll also find that we’ve increased the price on our conversion units for both the 2″ and 4″ models (orders we’re presently holding from our distributor partners will be filled at the prior price). You can doubtless recognize the substantial difference between a simple machined cylinder (which we offer for all of our other magnum-framed mini-revolvers) and this one, which is fitted to a crane and includes a spring-loaded ejection assembly. We priced it wrong the first time. The market will tell us if this, too, is acceptable.

As an aside, we’re preparing to make additional manufacturing improvements at our factory, but that’s material for another Soapbox.

I wish an enjoyable summer to everyone.

April 2015 – Free Product Giveaway

Our good friends at LaserLyte have done it again! Introducing the Mighty Mouse™ Laser for all Magnum NAA Mini-Revolver models. We are giving away 10 sets of these grip lasers! We want to know what your EDC (Every Day Carry) looks like. Post pictures of your NAA and anything else that MUST go with you every day! You can submit them using Facebook, Twitter (@NAAMiniRevolver), Instagram (NorthAmericanArms), or here. Use the Hashtag #NAAEDC so we can find them and pick winners!

March 2015 – Government Relations

I have just returned from a multi-day meeting of the Board of Governors of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  As you might expect, the range of issues we consider is rather broad but I thought I’d share some of the legal and legislative concerns we’re addressing.  These include:

The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act is being reintroduced this year and we anticipate that it will finally be passed.  Amongst other things, this will go a long way to limiting the assaults by anti-hunting groups on the use of lead ammunition.

Legislation enabling nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity has been introduced in both chambers and while we similarly anticipate that it will pass, it is unlikely to be signed into law unless it can be attached an an amendment to some other “must pass” piece of legislation.

The NSSF is actively litigating against microstamping in CA.  Failure to overturn this newly effected law means that citizens of CA will be unable to have access to any newly-designed firearms because of the “impossibility” of compliance by any manufacturer.

Similarly, we are fighting the mandate in NJ for the manufacture of “smart guns”.  While the industry welcomes anyone to consider and develop the technology, and for consumers to purchase and use it if they choose, requiring the adaption of any form of this unreliable and unavailable technology is simply bad public policy.

Perhaps the most nefarious current anti-gun effort being launched by a government agency is ATF’s proposed repeal of the exemption for 5.56 M855 ball ammunition, which is described at length here  I urge you to follow the link and attach your name to a letter voicing your objection to this ill-considered action.

I continue to urge you to visit as a point of reference for all things gun-related, including news, instruction, safety advice, range location, etc. etc.