December Soapbox

I’m late – again.  So what.  All anyone wants to hear about is Ranger II.  The first deliveries have been made.  You’ll find several first-hand reports on our Message Board from some of the fortunate Early Bird recipients who are sharing their impressions, experiences (range reports) and photographs.

In other news …

I wish to state – for the record, once, clearly, emphatically, unambiguously, unequivocally, etc. etc. – that I have never behaved in such a fashion as to threaten, assault, intimidate, or otherwise make someone feel uncomfortable in any sexual/personal/intimate manner, be they employee, co-worker, vendor, customer, friend, acquaintance, stranger, etc. etc.  Do not expect ever to hear from me an apology, excuse, mea culpa or any other attempt to address any past bad behavior (at least as it relates to the above).  In the event any accusation might ever be made, it would be a malicious, bald-faced lie.

Aren’t you glad I shared that with you?  No?

Similarly, let there be no mistake or confusion that I am in any way attempting to dispute, demean, diminish or discount any of the similar reports regarding a whole cast of others that have become increasingly frequently made and widely reported.  The described/alleged behavior in each case is inexcusable, abhorrent, criminal, immoral and deserves to be dealt with in the most severe lawful manner possible.  The victims are due all the sympathy, retribution, compensation, etc. that is available to them in our courts/society.

That said, these stories/examples in almost every instance are of absolutely no interest to me and I consider them to be “fake news”, not because they didn’t happen (they probably did in most instances), but because they are not news and the outlets that dish out this garbage do disservice to us and bring discredit upon themselves by pandering to the prurient interests of a few.  I’m not entirely sure where the line should be drawn – perhaps it’s appropriate to report on public servants, as it relates to their judgement.  Perhaps, as well, news reporting personalities, as it relates to their credibility.  Harvey Weinstein, Garrison Keeler, Kevin Spacey, ad infinitum?  Stop it.  These events are none of my/your business and revelation/resolution is/should be relevant to only the parties immediately involved.  And I particularly don’t care about an ongoing tally per individual as the count increases.

I am so very sick hearing about all this garbage and don’t think these voluminous revelations serve any public interest except to “sell newspapers”.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I hope those fortunate individuals who have had the opportunity to see/handle/shoot our newly introduced Ranger IIs are happy with them and will share their impressions and experiences with our community, good bad or otherwise.

– Sandy Chisholm

November Soapbox – At Last

With the arrival of the of Ranger II, so begins a new era for North American Arms.  Many of you will have seen a couple of posted video clips of its presentation (See video here.)

at the recent firearms wholesalers show (NASGW).  While the early reviews have been very positive, it’s the opinions of you, the ultimate customer, which will determine the success (or lack of) of this product.

The response to our Early Bird offer was similarly very positive.  While we are very happy with the orders we’ve received, the offer was oversubscribed and I’m sorry that we won’t be able to fill all the orders we received.  I’m told that everyone should be notified of their particular outcome before the end of this week and that we plan to begin slowly shipping product by the middle of the month.

I expect that by this time next month there should be a few dozen Ranger IIs in the field and I expect that most who have one will share their impressions and experiences in short order.  My fingers are crossed.  Hope you like it; let us know. – Sandy [email protected]

October Soapbox – Ranger II Early Bird

It is with a great sense of pride (and similar sense of relief) that I introduce the long-awaited Ranger II Early Bird Program.  Following this link (pre-order now closed) will take you to a dedicated page where you can enter your order.

The order window will be open for the month of October.  At the end of the month, you will receive notice from the factory as to whether or not your order has been accepted and will be processed.  All orders entered during October will not necessarily be accepted, as we expect more orders than there will be product to satisfy them.  As I earlier indicated, we will prioritize acceptance and fulfillment of these orders based on the number of posts you’ve made to our Message Board.  Admittedly, this is an imperfect/flawed measure of your “friendship” with the factory.

The EB allocation will be 250 pieces, and we will ship half of our production to satisfy these orders. The other half will be delivered to our “primary” customers, our distributor partners.  We anticipate beginning production before the end of October and expect that for the foreseeable future, production will approximate 100 pieces/week, in which event all EB orders should be filled before Christmas – but, as we’re all aware, despite our best efforts, stuff happens.  EB pieces will be identified with the serial # EBIIXXX.  No custom serial numbers will be available.

We have met certain cost targets and are offering these (as well as later) pieces at MSRP $479 (plus $10 S&H for each piece).  Each order can be for as many as two pieces.  These guns will be chambered in.22WMRF.  Each order can elect to have a second, LR cylinder included for $75.  Each order will be secured by a credit card – which will not be charged until the order is shipped – or any other form of prepayment (check, money order, etc.).  Before acceptance, each order must be accompanied by the FFL of the receiving dealer.

At the outset, all product will be of the shorter (1.5”) barrel length.  In time, we anticipate offering 2.5” and 4.0” barrel lengths.

We thank you for your interest and your patience, not only throughout the protracted development period, but also as we attempt to satisfy EB orders, as well as afterwards.

If, during the process, you would like personal attention, you’ll find it at 800-821-5783 or [email protected].  Depending on the traffic, you shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t respond as quickly as we usually do.  If you want to offer further feedback, complimentary or critical, please direct it to [email protected].


September 2017 – Update on the Ranger II

Our preparation for the launch of this product reminds me of the joke whose punchline is “Stand back, Eve, I have no idea how big this thing’s going to get!”

Our anecdotal experience over the past couple of years at trade shows and the like (including the recent NRA-produced CarryGuard Expo in Milwaukee) suggests to me that there is some familiarity with our efforts  to reintroduce this product.  I’ve seen/heard of a great sense of anticipation (at least amongst our friends in our Message Board community).  Resale prices for Ranger I would suggest that the demand will be strong.  Only time will tell how the product is received and whether or not it will have legs beyond the initial surge.  Assuming we can meet our admittedly premium price point (<$500), I believe this could become the flagship of our product line.

As earlier indicated, we will offer an Early Bird purchase opportunity for Friends of the Factory only, which will be defined as registered members of our Message Board community; simply becoming aware of the program and indicating your interest (on a specific sales order page we will create on our website) will not secure you a place in the line, which will be roughly ordered according to the number of posts you’ve made on our MB.  I expect that the ordering window will be open for 30 days.  While we have not yet determined the size of the allocation for the EB window, I expect it will approximate a couple/few hundred pieces.

During the EB program, output will be divided between EB participants and our best distributor partners.  I expect the early production rate will be maddeningly slow and the time for us to fulfill accepted EB orders could stretch several months.  When we receive all of the info we will require, including payment info. and the FFL of the receiving dealer, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance.  All accepted orders will receive a Ranger II.  As more details become available, we will share them.

To confirm: the Ranger II will be fitted with a magnum cylinder.  A second cylinder chambered in LR will be available for the EB and thereafter.  I expect that virtually all grips designed for the magnum frame will fit this model.  Different barrel lengths will be offered (including a 4” model for our friends in CA) but only the short barrel will be available for the EB.

-Sandy Chisholm

July 2017 – Addendum…

Earlier this month, I promised to reveal the current state of the development of the Ranger II.

Please find attached two recent photographs of one of several (almost identical) current prototypes.

During the development process, we explored a great variety of manufacturing techniques, including investment casting which is the process we use for all of our other models.  Ultimately, we have determined that the frame of this gun will be created from a steel billet, the gun’s outline achieved by wire EDM, after which we execute our machining “magic”.  This is an expensive process but gives us the maximum ability to control the very critical dimensions and tight tolerances that this gun requires.

I believe the overall design of this piece is largely complete.  Similarly, I’m convinced that the development of the Ranger II is such that we’ve committed to design and manufacture CNC fixtures and create production tooling which will enable to move this project in-house and to prepare for ordinary production.

While NAA has been and continues to be, solely responsible for the design and engineering of this product, much of the manufacturing of the prototypes for this project has been done by several third parties.  While they’re each good at their tasks (prototype machining, tool design and the programming of production-capable machine programs), the give-and-take between engineering and development has been retarded/interrupted as discussions regarding dimensions, tolerance stack-ups, and the tweaks that need to be made could not be effected quickly.  We are now in the process of bringing all of these elements in-house and expect that the further tweaks to both engineering and machining, which will doubtless still be necessary for ordinary production, can be affected immediately.

Pricing and delivery dates have yet to be fixed, but I remain hopeful that “under $500 and before Christmas” are still achievable goals.  More news will be shared at the point that it becomes available.  That’s my story…

North American Arms and A&A Engraving Donate Custom-Engraved Fire Patriot Guardian 380 for NRA Foundation Auction

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                      


North American Arms and A&A Engraving Donate Custom-Engraved Fire Patriot Guardian 380 for NRA Foundation Auction

Provo, Utah. April 3, 2017 – North American Arms ( and South Dakota-based A&A Engraving have collaborated to donate a custom-engraved Fire Patriot Guardian 380 handgun for the National NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction. This one-of-a-kind firearm will be displayed and auctioned at the NRA Foundation Banquet taking place during the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits on Thursday, April 27 in Atlanta, Georgia. The event begins at 5:00 pm in the Thomas Murphy Ballroom at the Georgia World Congress Center Building B.

“The 380 Guardian has proven itself as one of our most convenient, reliable, and effective firearms”, said Kenny Barlow, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for North American Arms. “We are very fortunate to have partnerships like the one we have with A&A Engraving and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them to create a version of this popular firearm that is as beautiful as it is effective.”

The North American Arms Guardian 380 is a 6+1, double-action-only (DAO), semi-automatic pistol that is manufactured on an ergonomically-designed frame of 17-4 stainless steel. The 380 Guardian promises to deliver a lifetime of rugged, reliable performance over thousands of rounds. For the auction, A&A Engraving created a customized version of the gun with a matt nickel finish, 24-karat gold and black chrome details, and customized stainless steel grips with engraved North American Arms logos.

Fire Patriot 380 Guardian photo and information available here

The NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction is an annual event created to “Teach Freedom” by supporting and promoting Second Amendment rights. This year’s banquet—which kicks off four-day of exhibits, premier events, educational seminars and other activities—will include bidding on custom firearms, unique merchandise and specialized hunts. All donations and proceeds from the banquet will be used to support the National Rifle Association.

North American Arms will be exhibiting in Booth #4032 at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  NRA Annual Meetings will be open April 28-30th.  More information on attending the expo can be found by clicking here.

North American Arms Resources:

About North American Arms

North American Arms has manufactured firearms since 1971. NAA launched as the successor to Rocky Mountain Arms, where the firearms were designed by Dick Casull. These single-action revolvers were named ‘the world’s largest and smallest’ of revolvers. In the early 1980’s NAA became a subsidiary of Talley Manufacturing, an aerospace manufacturing company. Several years later, Tally Manufacturing was acquired by Teleflex, Inc, and made the executive decision to sell the small gun business to Sandy Chisholm, President of North American Arms, in 1991. The business has remained in Provo, Utah for the last 20 years, where it has proved to be one of the best concealed firearm manufacturers, continuing to make reliable, effective and convenient firearms.

For more information contact:

Amelia Pullman
Public Relations Specialist
Telephone: 801-669-7988
Fax: 801-374-9990
Email: [email protected]

“Pick your Everyday Carry™ Solution” Contest

NAA is pleased to announce our “Pick Your Everyday Carry™ Solution” contest!  We are giving one lucky fan a chance to add anything from the current production list of NAA Products to your Everyday Carry™ arsenal.  To enter go to and submit your information via the secure form.  The winner will be chosen on December 1st and all contest rules, terms, and conditions can be found at

Thanks for your continued support and good luck!

*Required fields

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Official rules:
To enter, fill out the form.
No purchase necessary.
Open to all US residents.
Winner must be legally allowed to purchase handgun under US Law.
Firearm MUST be sent to a federally licensed dealer.
Winner responsible for applicable transfer and handling fees from FFL dealer.
Contest begins August 26, 2015 at 12:00am MST and concludes November 31, 2015 at 11:59pm MST.
Winner will be chosen at random. By entering you are granting rights to North American Arms to use your
information for promotional related to NAA. NAA will not distribute your information. Good luck!

Full Terms and Conditions here.

NAA Announces 4″ Sidewinders


Provo, Utah: North American Arms is pleased to announce the addition of a 4” model to our Sidewinder lineup.  This 4” version of our popular swing-out cylinder model provides the same great quality and reliability as the 1.5” model with one exception…it’s now available to our customers in California!

“We’re always excited when we can expand our product offerings in California,” says NAA General Manager, Ken Friel, “…and the 4” barrel is the fastest and most convenient way to do that!”

An exemption to the state handgun roster exists in Section 32100(a) of the California Penal Code for single-action revolvers if they meet certain requirements on barrel length, overall length, and capacity.

“In reality, every model we produce with a 4” barrel falls under that exemption,” Friel says.

The 4” Sidewinder is a welcomed addition to the 22LR and 22MS which are approved for sale in California as well as the Mini-Master and 4” & 6” Earl which are also exempt. The 4” Sidewinder is shipping now with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $396 for 22 Magnum only and $489 for the 22LR / 22 Magnum conversion model.

Product Specifications
SKU: NAA-SW-4 (Magnum Only) / NAA-SWC-4 (Mag/LR Conversion)
Capacity: 5
Barrel Length: 4”
Overall Length: 7 & 1/2”
Overall Height: 2 & 7/8”
Width: 1 & 1/16”
Weight Unloaded: 8 oz

Located in Provo, Utah, North American Arms manufactures a line of convenient, reliable, and effective personal protection firearms. Deliberately designed to be small, light, and concealable enough so that you can carry them with ease, these firearms are used for personal protection, law enforcement, recreation, or collectibles. Available in 22 Short, 22 Long Rifle, and 22 Magnum, North American Arms mini-revolvers are for any firearms enthusiast who wants to carry and conceal easily.