October Soapbox – Ranger II Early Bird

It is with a great sense of pride (and similar sense of relief) that I introduce the long-awaited Ranger II Early Bird Program.  Following this link (pre-order now closed) will take you to a dedicated page where you can enter your order.

The order window will be open for the month of October.  At the end of the month, you will receive notice from the factory as to whether or not your order has been accepted and will be processed.  All orders entered during October will not necessarily be accepted, as we expect more orders than there will be product to satisfy them.  As I earlier indicated, we will prioritize acceptance and fulfillment of these orders based on the number of posts you’ve made to our Message Board.  Admittedly, this is an imperfect/flawed measure of your “friendship” with the factory.

The EB allocation will be 250 pieces, and we will ship half of our production to satisfy these orders. The other half will be delivered to our “primary” customers, our distributor partners.  We anticipate beginning production before the end of October and expect that for the foreseeable future, production will approximate 100 pieces/week, in which event all EB orders should be filled before Christmas – but, as we’re all aware, despite our best efforts, stuff happens.  EB pieces will be identified with the serial # EBIIXXX.  No custom serial numbers will be available.

We have met certain cost targets and are offering these (as well as later) pieces at MSRP $479 (plus $10 S&H for each piece).  Each order can be for as many as two pieces.  These guns will be chambered in.22WMRF.  Each order can elect to have a second, LR cylinder included for $75.  Each order will be secured by a credit card – which will not be charged until the order is shipped – or any other form of prepayment (check, money order, etc.).  Before acceptance, each order must be accompanied by the FFL of the receiving dealer.

At the outset, all product will be of the shorter (1.5”) barrel length.  In time, we anticipate offering 2.5” and 4.0” barrel lengths.

We thank you for your interest and your patience, not only throughout the protracted development period, but also as we attempt to satisfy EB orders, as well as afterwards.

If, during the process, you would like personal attention, you’ll find it at 800-821-5783 or Jessica@NorthAmericanArms.com.  Depending on the traffic, you shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t respond as quickly as we usually do.  If you want to offer further feedback, complimentary or critical, please direct it to Sandy@NorthAmericanArms.com.



  1. Very excited about this gun! I have the Sidewinder and am hooked on these powerful little beauties. I hope I am fortunate enough to land one!

  2. Sandy,

    Congratulations to you and your employees.
    Just to let you know how much I appreciate your achievement and looking forward to getting 2 Ranger II via Early Bird Program.
    Thank you.


  3. Howdy, I just wanted to say that I recently purchased “The Pug” and love it. So I figured that I would join your website and see what more you have going on. I found this little announcement and was interested and curious, yet disheartened by the admittedly “flawed” system of choosing who will be able to get this new beauty. There must be a better way. I will talk to my local gun shop (AK Gunrunners), that I purchased my Pug from, find out what distributor they use.

  4. Thanks for your diligence in bring the Ranger II to life. NAA has always seemed just a little closer to their customers than most. We appreciate the updates, the anticipation, and now the realization of the Ranger II. Your honesty throught this waiting process is muchly appreciated.

  5. Congratulations on making it to the finish line on the amazing product. Props to you and the R&D team! Can’t wait to see and feel one in person!

  6. Thank you for the commitment to the endeavor and beating your original price point. I have not posted previously but I enjoy the ownership of four of your firearms. I will add 1.5 inch magnum and 4 inch convertible to these eventually. I’ll have my order placed Monday and will continue to anticipate the first cylinder that I load and fire.

  7. Sandy, this is sure to be the premier product of the mini revolver line. It is a great addition to your products and I can’t be happier to see this done. I can hardly wait to get one, will make a great little carry piece and is probably going to be really great at the range as well. I have many of the little revolvers in my collection and feel that this one will truly be your best seller of all of them.

  8. Thanks for the EB special order, Jessica was very helpful in getting the order done correctly. Wish you were offering the 2 1/2” in the EB Special

  9. Thanks, Sandy. Glad to hear the Ranger II is coming together, and from the looks of it, will be well worth the wait! Quick question, please. Does the cylinder slide off of a cylinder pin, reloaded outside the frame, and get reinstalled? Just trying to stem the drool. Thanks!

  10. It seems a shame to put all that research into something and put a 11/2 inch barrel on it. I’ll wait for the longer ones.

  11. Hi,
    Saw the new Ranger II highlighted on Gunblast and was very excited. I had tried to obtain one of them some years ago but missed out, so I ended up with a Sidewinder with the second conversion cylinder. Nice little pocket gun. I hope that you will post a picture soon on your site of the Ranger II so that I can salivate a little more. Mean while I will try to get on your early bird deal.