FAQ - Integral Locking System
What is the Integral Locking Systems (ILS)
The ILS is a safety system that allows you to lock the hammer in place so the gun can not be fired. It has a key that can be used to lock and unlock the gun.

How does it work?
There is a small hole in the upper left corner of the grip - see figure #1. The key is placed in the hole gently until it fully engages the lock - see figure #2 - turning the key before it is fully in place can damage the lock and key threads. Turning the key clockwise ½ turn locks the hammer into place and disables the firearm. Turning the key counter clockwise ½ turn releases the hammer and enables the firing mechanism.



How can I tell if it's locked?

The ILS has a small nipple or button around the key hole. When unlocked, the button is flush with the grip - see figure #3. When locked, the button protrudes out of the grip and is no longer flush - see Figure #4.



Can the ILS be added to an older Guardian pistol?

Yes. The ILS incorporates changes to the Guardian frame, so older models require significant modifications and a number of new parts. Please see our Custom Shop - Machining page for more information and pricing.

How can I get a Guardian with the ILS?

If you live in certain states, like California, you don't have a choice - you have to get one with the ILS. In other states, you can special order the Guardian with the ILS. The part numbers are the same, except the ILS versions have an "S" at the end.

Are there any disadvantages to the ILS?

The ILS requires the black plastic grip with the hole in it for the key. We do not currently offer our other wood, plastic, and mother of pearl grips with the hole pre-drilled, because the hole significantly reduces the strength of the grip. In other words, the custom grip with the hole will crack or break after firing a few rounds.

Another issue is the keys. If you lock the gun and lose the keys, the gun is unusable until we can send you replacement keys. To minimize this, we send two keys, both with key rings, to make them harder to lose.

Warnings, disclaimers, etc.

Due to the design of the ILS, you must be careful not to lock the hammer while the slide is open. The closing of the slide on a locked hammer can damage the locking mechanism and disable the gun.

The keys are made of a composite material that is fairly strong. However, if you try hard, you can strip or break the keys. The key should turn easily. If not, the gun needs to be sent back to NAA for repair.

While the ILS is as good a locking system as there is, there can be no substitute for common sense firearm safety. Always store your firearm securely, out of the reach of children and unauthorized users. Firearm safety is everyone's responsibility.



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