FAQ - Guardians

Guardian Pistols - FAQ

Provided by: Mr. Sandy Chisholm - President, North American Arms, Inc.
Note: The information here applies to all models of Guardian Pistols, except where noted.


What is the barrel length?

25 NAA and .32 ACP Guardians - 2.185 inches.
.380 and .32NAA Guardians - 2.49 inches


Does the Guardian have a straight blowback or a retarded blowback?

It has a straight blowback.


What do you take apart to clean it?

For normal cleaning, the NAA Guardian need only be disassembled into its main:
1. Slide
2. Frame
3. Inner and outer recoil spring
4. Magazine

What grease should you use?

For long time storage, any commercially available gun grease is acceptable.

Last round

I have read/experienced that the case from the last spent round occasionally gets stuck between the slide and the frame. Is this a product 'failure'? Should I be concerned?

No, frankly, not at all. Yes, we are aware of, and understand the causes of, this condition. Yes, it is not an uncommon occurrence. No, we do not believe it represents a performance failure and we do not intend to try to 'correct' the condition.

The design of this pistol does not include an ejector (not to be confused with an extractor), but relies on the following action of a fresh cartridge, as it is moving up the magazine stack and towards the chamber, to push the spent extracted case out of the breech. When the magazine is empty and there is no following cartridge to exert this pressure, the spent case may simply be trapped by the slide returning forward (the slide is not designed to remain open after the last round).

When a full magazine is inserted to replace the empty one, the slide must, in any/every event ('stovepipe' or not) be re-racked to chamber a fresh round. During this process, the spent case simply falls freely out of the breech and the pistol returns to battery - as though the condition had never existed. (Please note that we are not attempting to excuse any stovepipe of a live round. If that condition exists with any of our pistols, we will be happy to rework the gun to eliminate that failure).


How much for an extra magazine?

Retail $25.00.

Does it need to be factory installed?


Is there any ammo that will not work in the magazine?


Why did I receive a new magazine release with the mag extension kit?

The new magazine release is necessary for .32 ACP Guardians with aa and ab serial numbers. If you do not replace the magazine release the magazines will dislodge when fired using the mag extensions.

Can I get the magazines with the metal floor plates?

No, those magazines are no longer manufactured.

My magazine occasionally falls from the gun when firing. What's happening here?

Shortly after the finger extension was introduced, we found that the downward pressure on the magazine increases substantially with the use of this extension (caused by the grip pressure of the ring or baby finger on this extension). This additional pressure, along with the shock of firing the pistol, caused our original catch to occasionally release inadvertently. We have redesigned/strengthened this catch; a free replacement (which can easily be installed by the user) is available on request to the factory.


Is the entire (slide, parts, magazines) gun made from casting or is it forged?

The frame is a casting, the slide is machined from 17-4 stainless steel billet.

I thought the gun was made in the U.S. Why do my magazines say Italy?

The guns are produced in the United States. We chose Mecgar to manufacture our magazines, they are located in italy.


What do you do if it misfires?

Clean it, refer to owners manual.


What is the rate of twist on the Guardian barrel?

1 in 16 inches rh twist.


What do you do if the slide gets stuck?

Clean it, refer to owners manual.

Is there a stop to hold the slide back for cleaning?

No, you just need to remove the slide for cleaning.

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