FAQ - Cap & Ball

Cap & Ball Mini-Revolver Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a bullet mold?

No, we do not offer a bullet mold. You can purchase bullets over the web or call us at 1-800-821-5783. The cost is $4.00 for 100, plus shipping.


Can a rimfire cylinder work in a black powder frame?

No, the guns have different firing pins, they cannot be interchanged.

Does a cap and ball gun need to be sent in for a new cylinder like the rimfire guns?

Yes, send in the entire gun. The cost for the cylinder is $40 unfluted, $45 fluted.

My cylinder won't go in the gun when the caps are on the nipples.

The gun was designed to work with remington #11 caps. If you use a different brand or size the cap is too thick and will extend past the cylinder edge.

Can I use cylinders from cartridge firing minirevolvers in my Companion?

No, a Companion cannot fire cartridge-type ammunition; the cap & ball model uses a transfer pin to deliver a center fire strike against a primer cap, as compared to a blade striking a cartridge rim. Additionally, the cartridge cylinder is smaller than the Companion cylinder and 'slops around' within the Companion frame. Nor will a .22 cartridge fit within a Companion cylinder, even with the nipples removed. Don't even think of going there.

Dry fire

Can I dry fire the gun?

No, dry firing will crack the nipples. Take the cylinder out if you want to dry fire it.


I can't find the ffffg powder, can I use fffg or pyrodex?

Yes, you can use fffg and pyrodex p. The f stand for fine, the ffffg is a finer powder, and will allow you to add more powder allowing more of a discharge. Do not go less than fffg.

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