FAQ - Mini-Revolvers

.22 Mini-Revolver Frequently Asked Questions


Can I fire .22 Shorts in a .22 LR cylinder?

Yes, Shorts can be fired in a Long Rifle cylinder; the case diameter of the two are identical.

Can I fire .22 Shorts/.22 LR in a Magnum cylinder? No! WMR (Magnum) cartridges have an incrementally larger diameter because the brass fits around the bullet. .22 LR bullets have a ridge cut into them, so the brass is even with the top part of the bullet. While Shorts and LRs can physically be placed into the chambers of a WMR cylinder (but you'll notice a sloppy fit), it is not safe to do so, as the brass case may split when fired.

For guns which have conversion (second) cylinders, the cylinder size is stamped on the end of the cylinder (or use a WMR cartridge as a gauge; if it fits the chamber, it's a WMR cylinder).

Can I fire 'snake/bird shot' shells in minirevolvers? Sure. While the lethality of this round is questionable, shot pellets can be remarkably effective when fired in the face of an assailant.


Are the mother of pearl grips made of real mother of pearl? Yes. We recommend removing these grips from the gun before shooting, as they are very likely (almost guaranteed) to crack if you shoot the gun with them on. While the Synthetic Pearl (plastic) is more durable, those have cracked as well.


I am having difficulty resting the hammer blade in the safety slot on the cylinder; any suggestions? Yes, it's a critically important feature of the gun, so PRACTICE. First: Make sure the gun is unloaded.

Second: Make sure the gun is unloaded!

Third: Retract the hammer to the point that the cylinder spins freely (about half-way) and keep it retracted.

Fourth: Looking through the top/rear of the frame, locate any of the five milled safety slots (those notches on the cylinder between the chambers), and position any slot directly beneath the blade of the hammer (which is still retracted).

Fifth: While still retracting the hammer, depress the trigger (and keep it depressed)
now allow the hammer to settle into the slot.

You can (should) confirm engagement of the hammer in the slot by attempting to rotate the cylinder; if it does rotate, the hammer was not engaged in the slot (repeat the process). Visually confirm, also, by examining the alignment of any chamber with the bore; if a bullet could physically pass from the chamber through the bore, the gun is not 'safe'. In other words, if a chamber is located at 12 o'clock, the gun is not 'safe'; in the 'safe' condition, the upper two chambers are at one and eleven o'clock. 99.9% of the failures are because the trigger was not kept fully depressed while the hammer was being lowered (Step 5). Once you get the hang of it, however, you'll find the process becomes surprisingly easy, quick and natural.

My minirevolver doesn't have a safety cylinder? Can I have one installed?

Yes, we would be happy to install a replacement cylinder, free of charge. Return the gun to the factory and we will update it promptly. There is a return shipping fee - see our shipping instructions page for more information.

Can I order additional cylinders?

Absolutely. LR-frame guns can have additional LR cylinders; Magnum-frame guns (including the Black Widow and Mini-Master) can accommodate either LR or WMR cylinders, regardless of their original configuration (some people originally order BWs and MMs in LR only). However, we require that the gun be returned to us so that we can assure ourselves, as well as you, that the gun is properly timed. The necessary (and absolute) alignment of the chambers with the gun's bore is critical and often requires a little tweaking of the cylinder star &/or hand &/or bolt.

Can I use a friend's NAA cylinder in my minirevolver?

While it may be physically possible, it's not a practice we recommend, as there may be incremental, but critical, differences in the timing of your friend's gun and your own. All frame/cylinder combinations are individually timed (see above). Our advice is a resounding "No!".

Will dry firing harm this gun?

If you first remove the cylinder, dry firing is a great way of becoming accustomed to the trigger pull. Otherwise, while it's unlikely that any harm will come to the firearm, it's not a practice we recommend. This applies to The Companion (cap & ball mini) as well.

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