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Featured Below are some examples of some of many products made by Independant Manufactors just for North American Arms Products. To learn more about them or to place an order please go to the manufacturers website. If you'd like to see some really cool engraved & customized NAA guns visit the Exotica Page


Concealment Holster Solutions

Holsters that will accommodate the NAA Models with the LaserLyte sight.

These are hand made holsters.  The designs are simple, straight-forward and designed to do two things; orient the weapon correctly for an easy draw and obscure the outline of the weapon. For more details see website

misc concealment holsters



Stellar neck chain holster

Stellar Neck Chain Holsters

Simple in design. This little holster keeps your Mini-Revolver hanging securely in a nearly

horizontal angle under your shirt or blouse ready for action!

Our "Stellar Kydex lock" eliminates the need for straps or snaps. You simply grasp the grip and yank down and out of the holster. The gun can even be fired from under the shirt - in a true "life of death" situation. The shape of the gun holds it in place in our custom fitted rig. To re-holster, simply snap back in. draw after draw. Year after year. Always the same, smooth, reliable Stellar action.

Available from Stellar Rigs in West Palm Beach, Florida - go to to order and for more information.


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Simply Rugged Holsters

simply rugged header image

simply rugged holsters




Want the best in Service, Materials and Workmanship? Go with Simply Rugged.

They're Simply the Best and out perform the rest! Order from:





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Hedley Pocket Holsters

hedley pocket holsters



The slogan on RJ Hedley's web site is "Pocket Holsters made by hand, one at a time, by one man". RJ Hedley makes a number of pocket holsters for NAA Mini-Revolvers and Guardian Pistols - as well as a number of other manufacturers pistols. To see more and to order, please visit Hedley Pocket Holsters on the web

Or, contact Mr. Hedley directly at:

R.J. Hedley 
3133 Walnut St., N.W. 
Winter Haven, FL 33881 



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fobus tactical hoster

Fobus Tactical Holsters


Fobus Holsters are the next wave in tactical holsters.

Our holsters feature passive retention with rapid deployment, are combat tested, perform in all situations and are virtually indestructible. And, a 100% lifetime guarantee stands behind each and every holster. Fobus now makes a light weight, low profile holster for smaller pistols.

Go to or call (215)355-2621 for more information.


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Gerstner Chests and Cases gun chest image

Transport all of your ammo, rangefinders, maintenance tools and firearm accessories conveniently and securely with the new Gerstner USA Shooters Companion Case.  Crafted from the finest hardwoods and veneers, this case is sure to last as long as your prized firearm collection.  Both hardworking and functional, your new shooting companion will exceed your expectations for reliable pack and carry of range necessities.

For general questions and comments – (937) 228-1662

GO519SC - Shooters Companion Case w/Gun Forks


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Recluse Pocket Holster header image

pocket holster from recluse pocket holsters


Benefits of the Recluse Design
The functional simplicity of the Recluse® fills the specific needs of a pocket holster for law enforcement & citizens with a concealed carry permit:

  • Eliminate pistol profile.
  • Easy to draw (leaving the holster in place).
  • Protects trigger.
  • Keeps mechanisms free of debris.
  • Comfortable for daily carry.
  • Carry with Confidence



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Lost River Holsters



Lost River Holsters offers several types of concealment holsters. They have at least 7 different models from North American Arms including the 22 Short, 22 Long Rifle, 22 Magnum “M” model and the “MS” model. Lost River Holsters also have holsters for the Pug both models “T” and “D”. Last but not least are the holsters for the Mini Mag 4 inch and the Earl.



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Joseph's Jewelry




Joseph's Jewelry
Stuart Florida

The piece retails for $399

This buckle took us 2 months to create . It has movable hand for secure seat as well as powerful magnet.
It is made from solid white bronze is very solid.




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