Guardian Custom Serial Number's

NAA is pleased to offer Firearm collectors our Guardian pistols with custom serial numbers. Customize your gun with your name, badge number, call sign or nickname as a serial number.

All serial numbers must contain at least one alpha character and one number. Special characters, such as asterisks, dollar signs and pound signs, can not be used. Under current government regulations, the first letter of each Guardian serial number is predefined (M for .32 ACP, T for .380 ACP, H for 32NAA) followed by up to 10 (upper-case only) alpha-numeric characters. Your serial number will start with one of these letters, based on the gun you order.

To order a gun with a custom serial number, please have your FFL Firearms Dealer contact us at (800) 821-5783 and ask for Kenny Barlow in Sales. The cost is $75.00 for custom serial numbers on Guardian pistols. This is in addition to the retail price of the gun and shipping costs.

Payment should come from the FFL Firearms Dealer, not directly from the customer. We will begin manufacturing after receiving payment. The average delivery time for Guardians with custom serial numbers is about 6 weeks.

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